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Chronologic has over 20 years' experience in qualifying our customer's needs, delivering employee management software solutions that meet the demands of their organisations and supporting them in the implementation and ongoing use of their system.

Our tried and tested workforce management time and attendance systems are designed to meet your business needs, whatever they may be. Simply looking for an easy and affordable clocking-in system? No worries. Need more complex software that can also produce in-depth reports and perform HR tasks? We've got you covered.

To put it another way, at Chronologic we provide solutions that really do work for you. We are here to solve your problems, not create them. For over two decades now, we have successfully been saving businesses across the UK and Europe time, stress and money, by delivering market-leading employee management software to companies in a wide variety of sectors that include construction, manufacturing, hospitality, HR, recruitment, healthcare and retail.


Some of our Customers:

Employee Management Software

Which employee management software is right for your business needs?

That is the question that can often keep people from moving forwards - they know they need a system of some sort, but find the information and various functionalities hard to navigate, making choosing which to go for almost impossible. You may already have quite a clear idea of what you are looking for in a workforce management solution. Or, you may be right at the beginning of the decision-making process and very confused by it all.

Many of our customers really find they benefit from a chat with our friendly sales team at this point. Our team will be more than happy to offer advice, and a free no-obligation demo to show you exactly how the software works in action.

A good place to start is by checking out our comparison table:


App Version

Time Off Requests/ Approvals

Timecard Approvals

Payroll Export

Shift Exception Reporting

Rota / Scheduling

H&S / HR Docs & Dates

Calendar View

Absence Management

TOIL (Time Off in Lieu)

Workflow (Scheduled Reports / Alerts)

Offline Clocking

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