Time and Attendance

Time & attendance solutions designed to meet the needs of both small and large businesses.

Using a range of clocking options, including biometric fingerprint and hand scanning terminals, the system collects real time clocking data.

Our software automatically applies the appropriate rules for calculating each employee’s hours, ensuring accurate pay. It’s easy to edit and approve timesheets, (exceptions like lateness are highlighted for you).

The data can then be exported to a range of payroll systems, including Sage and Earnie, or to your payroll bureau.

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Absence Management

Annual absence in the UK costs around £554 per employee a year (CIPD).

Keeping on top of absence is understandably a priority for many businesses. The system’s availability screen shows group, department and company-wide absence. It’s easy to keep on top of sickness, lateness and holidays all on one screen.

A range of standard reports including Lateness and Bradford Factor analysis can be run as required.

For individual employees you can quickly see holidays booked, entitlement and absence on their calendars.

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Rotas and Scheduling

Creating and managing schedules and rotas to ensure the right people are in the right place at the right time is easy.

From simple to complex shift patterns, the Chronologic system gives you the capability to manage your workforce efficiently.


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HR Module

The HR module has been designed to make life easier for HR managers and their teams.

Different departments within an organisation can now have a single organisational view of employee information.

It’s easy to create and manage employee records. These records can contain information such as contact details, pay, skills, holidays, licence renewals, training, CVs and other documents.

Reminders and alerts can be set up, for example for training dates, licence renewals, work anniversaries and birthdays. Reports include sickness and holidays.

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Each working day a time and attendance system gathers a wealth of data.

Combine time and attendance and HR related data and you have powerful tools to help HR teams, finance, operations and line managers run the business.

The reporting module offers flexibility which lets users define their own parameters, such as reports by individual, groups of employees, date ranges, etc. Reports such as lateness can be run, viewed or sent automatically to different departments and line managers as required.

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Employee Self-Service

Going online gives customers greater flexibility in how clocking and HR data is accessed and managed.

Employee Self-Service lets staff see their rotas, and view and request holidays and other absence online using smartphones, PCs, and tablets. There is also an option to allow them to clock in remotely.

Web Admin enables managers and supervisors to carry out many of the tasks available in the core system software whilst on-the-move or off-site using PCs, Macs and tablets.

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Cloud-Based Clocking In

Do you only have a small number of employees who need to clock in?

Chronologic’s Workforce Management solutions include uAttend, a cloud-based (SaaS) clocking system.

uAttend’s exclusive biometric fingerprint and facial recognition terminals collect clocking data in the cloud.

An easy-to-view online dashboard lets you see who’s in and who’s not. One-click data export to payroll. A simple monthly pricing plan.

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