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Chronologic was created to solve the workforce issues of businesses across the UK and Europe

With over 20 years of experience delivering our market-leading employee management software, we pride ourselves on getting to the heart of your needs.

We understand that every business requires different results, so we take the time to learn your issues and never sell a system we don't think will deliver what you want.

All our training, support and distribution is implemented in our Somerset HQ by our friendly UK-based team who assist you in non-technical language.

Delivered with you in mind:

Our products have been chosen to span the needs of every business, each one uniquely designed to meet your workforce goals - no matter how big or small.

By Chronologic

Time and Attendance

Automatically record employees' hours of working

EA Cloud
By Chronologic

Employee Attendance

Boost productivity with cloud-based attendance tools

By Chronologic

Workforce Management

Optimise the value of your most valuable asset

By Chronologic

Clocking Systems

Biometric fingerprint, RFID swipe card and PIN

Thousands of businesses have trusted us to help drive business outcomes, engage employees, control labour costs, increase productivity, minimise compliance risk and much more.