Workforce Management information for HR teams

Whether business-owner, manager or employee, it’s always good to keep clued-up about what’s going on the employment world. What are the latest sickness procedures? How can I can the best from my employees? What’s new in employment rights? Good HR blogs will give you a mine of useful information to keep you in the know.

Offering the latest on recruitment, staffing and employment law, HR blogs are a vital source of up-to-date information for any company which employs people. All industries – from manufacturing, and hospitality to healthcare and beyond – need to keep up with the challenges of the changing workplace and stay ahead of the curve.

From the factual, to the chatty and the entertaining, here’s our guide to 7 top HR blogs:

CIPD People Management Blog
No HR blog list would be complete without a CIPD entry. The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) is a professional association for human resource management professionals so read this blog for top quality HR information. You’ll find opinion articles on anything from worker wellbeing, learning & development, new technology to giving feedback to employees.

On this packed global website, you get a good taste of the quarterly HR Digest magazine. Online articles cover business strategies, trends and the latest developments in HR. You can also be inspired by business success stories such as the successful HR practices of top firms such as Rolls-Royce.

On a different model, this UK-based HR blog offers easily-digestible advice for small businesses and start-ups on all manner of HR-related topics including training, IT, marketing and customer management. Their ‘community-voice’ blog posts are written by HR professionals and complements their bright and visual website.

Started in 2010, this vibrant international blog offers articles, webinars and podcasts to, as they put it, “understand and shape the human aspects of business.” You’ll find lots of thought-pieces and advice on business technology trends, engaging your employees and making the most of your remote workforce. It proffers positive can-do ideas for business leaders to chew on.

The HR Director
This is an independent blog for senior HR staff providing in-depth HR analysis of the world of employment, and the odd HR book review. It may not be the most glamourous blog around but this hidden gem offers sound grounded advice and from a UK perspective – for example on the removal of the default retirement age – all to encourage better and informed leadership.

The HR Hub
A friendly HR blog whose mission is to “give every SME the means to create employee magic.” This user-friendly and highly readable blog gives up entertaining advice on the whole gamut of HR conundrums: Should zero hours contracts be banned? How to resolved employee conflict and very topically, Managing Party Politics in the Workplace.

Xpert HR
If you like your information straight up, with few frills, then this is the blog for you. It’s one of the most useful resources in the field with lots of advice on the legal side of human resources. It covers the UK and the US and even though some of its information is only available to paying members it’s still a good source.

So there you have it – some excellent HR blogs for you to read, or just graze on. They’re a great platform for information and debate on lots of hot HR topics.

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