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Since the business started in 2000, we’ve been delivering market-leading workforce management, time and attendance software solutions.

Chronologic has grown steadily, primarily through organic growth.


“Our philosophy is to invest in our people, our business processes and our infrastructure. As we grow, we want to ensure customers stay with us. Long-term relationships are very important to this business.” Roger, MD

Workforce management that works

Our workforce management software continues to evolve as customer's needs change. The UK-based developers receive plenty of customer and helpdesk feedback to make sure the software supports businesses as they develop and grow.

For example, recognising a requirement for HR teams and line managers to access and manage employee information led to the HR Management module. And now many businesses want their employees to be more pro-active in the workplace, Employee Self-Service offers more interaction and immediate information on rotas, holidays and timecards.


A lightbulb moment - it's all in the cloud

In 2011 we launched the uAttend cloud-based time and attendance system in the UK. In 2019 the Citadel cloud-based clocking system joined the portfolio.

uAttend and Citadel are developed by US software house Workwell™ Technologies. In Workwell we recognised a similar 'working' philosophy to ours - to provide smart technology solutions for SMEs.

We are aligned closely with their teams to make sure that the uAttend and Citadel attendance systems are tailored to meet the specific requirements of UK organisations. We manage the dedicated UK-based helpdesk.



“We take pride in taking the time to really understand what our customers want and advising them on the best way to meet their objectives.” Peter, Operations Director

And the future...

We’ll continue to commission workforce management software to meet changing customer needs.

As a business we’re always on the look-out for new technologies to help our customers run their businesses more efficiently and cost-effectively.


“When customers say thanks for sorting that out so fast – it gives us a buzz.” Martin, Helpdesk Team

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