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Job Description

Job Title:Customer Support Team Lead
Reporting to:Operations Director
Section:Customer Support team

The role is a mix of part managing and part operational, responsible for:

Customer satisfaction and retention by:

  1. Measuring, reporting and improving customer satisfaction
  2. Ensuring prompt and professional responses to all customer support requests
  3. Addressing customer complaints
  4. Capturing and reporting on required functionality enhancements

Managing the Support team:

  1. Measuring and managing team and individual performances
  2. Organising recurring and daily activities and resource within the team
  3. Identifying team system and technical training requirements
  4. Creating and managing a full set of Customer Support processes and delivering internal training
  5. Organising and documenting efficient and consistent usage of the ticketing CRM system
  6. Manage the WFM project implementations

Cross Team working:

  1. Liaising closely with and attending regular meetings with the Sales and Customer Service Team Lead and Marketer
  2. Working closely with the Marketing team to produce system training material both paper and video
  3. Training and supporting colleagues from other teams to understand the support function and system usage


  1. There is a requirement to be proficient in all parts of the portfolio enabling the role holder to provide support as and when required


Chronologic is a B2B supplier of time and attendance, and workforce management systems. It supplies a range of systems and products to techie and non-techie people in a wide range of businesses and market sectors.

Chronologic is seeking to grow by providing a high level of customer service. The implications of this are that everyone working in the Customer Support department will, in general:

  • (a) develop an understanding of the business and a wide range of activities;
  • (b) need to develop a broad range of skills so that the range of activities can be covered effectively; and
  • (c) often work together with other team members on certain activities.

The job involves working from the operations base in Midsomer Norton; there is the occasional need to visit customer sites from time to time.

Marketing Manager

Key working relationships

  1. The Customer Support team
  2. The Sale and Customer Service Team Lead
  3. The Marketing team
  4. The Customer Service and Sales team
  5. The Administration team
  6. Operations Director


Team size 4

Key Responsibilities

Team leadership responsibilities

  1. Overseeing the fair and appropriate distribution of tickets and tasks across the team.
  2. Coordinating 1st line / dispatch resource ensuring adequate cover for breaks and absences and scheduled customer activities such as system training sessions.
  3. Undertaking daily reviews with the team to ensure they are aware of the tickets and tasks that are due that day, ensuring all tickets and tasks from the day prior were completed or progressed, checking that there are no time conflicts, identifying any customer arrangements / appointments, and checking that there are no blockages stopping activities.
  4. Hosting a weekly meeting with the full team discussing team initiatives, product development activity, any issues that have arisen over the past week and tracking project activities.
  5. Reviewing, updating and / or creating the support team processes and procedures document set and providing training ensuring process compliance and consistency.
  6. Attending regular meetings with the Sales and Customer Service Team Lead and Marketer providing departmental insights, customer / marketing / functionality feedback intel, sharing plans and ideas, aligning customer support resource with marketing initiatives and inviting comment on team performance.
  7. Identifying and reporting of any portfolio weaknesses or omissions and overseeing product development activity with suppliers and internally.
  8. Providing a monthly report detailing key activities, progress with objectives, planned team initiatives and performance stats.
  9. Creating and maintaining a company knowledge base, documenting and training others on its usage.

Operational Responsibilities (once trained)

  1. Project managing WFM system implementations ensuring their smooth, timely and on budget delivery using Projects in the CRM and through clear, concise communication with the customer’s project lead and internally.
  2. Creating a new CRM-based project for every WFM system implementation using the project import template with a detailed list of tasks and appropriate dates.
  3. Managing role holder's ticket queue keeping customers informed of progress and actions and resolving issues in a timely manner.
  4. Acting as first line support / dispatch, answering the support line and support@ inbox either addressing the issue or scoping it for others.
  5. Creating and maintaining accurate support requests in the ticketing system to provide accurate and detailed customer history and management information.
  6. Diagnosing and resolving support issues.
  7. Contributing to on-line customer training course for company supplied systems.
  8. Developing a knowledge of how to test systems and resolve problems.
  9. Maintaining a high level of quality in all aspects of the job following company procedures where they have been formalised.
  10. Inspecting and/or testing and booking and processing goods received according to agreed procedures.
  11. Working with customers using a degree of tact and diplomacy.
  12. Anything else as required by the business.