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Job Description

Job Title:Digital Engagement Marketeer
Reporting to:Operations Director

Responsible for:

Delivering business growth by creating, driving and analysing digital marketing and engagement campaigns, to increase the quality and quantity of sales enquiries in support of and working with the existing Sales and Marketing team. The role includes contributing thought leadership to web content strategies for websites and social media activity and setting up, running, analysing and reporting on Google Ad and PPC campaigns.


Chronologic is a B2B supplier of time and attendance, and workforce management systems. It supplies a range of systems and products to techie and non-techie people in a wide range of businesses and market sectors and has performed well over the last twelve months due to the business criticality of the systems it provides.

The company has a strong team culture internally; this role sits in two teams:

  • The Sales and Marketing Team - a symbiotic, revenue generating team on which the business depends to generate and close sales opportunities.
  • The Digital Marketing Team – responsible for developing and executing the digital campaign strategies for the business; the majority of enquires come from the company's web-based activities and presence.

The company is looking to increase the pro-active marketing and engagement function as a key resource to drive sales enquiry generation and business growth.

The business uses primarily web-based activities to generate sales enquiries, however, direct and indirect marketing activities are also required to create customer and prospect awareness.

This is a new, fulltime position which is key to the growth of the business and has a broad range of marketing technique deployment, number analysis and reporting responsibilities as well as digital campaign execution. It requires a candidate with a strong B2B background in digital marketing, experience in analysing data, progress tracking and insight reporting and sound commercial awareness.

Marketing Manager

Key working relationships

  1. The Digital Marketing team
  2. The Sales team
  3. The Operations team
  4. The Operations Director
  5. The Managing Director

Key Responsibilities

A Development of a personal knowledge base

  1. Developing a comprehensive understanding of the company's products and services, their key features and benefits and how they compete in the marketplace as background knowledge for carrying out marketing activities.
  2. Developing clear insight into the company's brand positioning and how it underpins the messaging to the markets that the company serves and competes with the other players in those markets.
  3. Understanding the marketing channels applicable to the company's business, documenting the mechanics of how those channels operate, and how to exploit those channels for promoting the company and its products and services and generating sales enquiries. This includes social media channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.
  4. Understanding that part of the company's ICT and CRM systems and infrastructure enabling marketing tracking information to be captured, stored, analysed and distributed internally.
  5. Conducting research and analysing data to identify and define target sectors and audiences.

B Web-related activities

  1. Devising, distributing and presenting ideas, engagement techniques and strategies to internal audiences.
  2. Working as part of the Digital Marketing team to define the digital marketing strategies, operational plans and reporting requirements and to monitor and analyse all marketing and engagement aspects of the company's online performance.
  3. Working closely with the digital marketing team to define and/or refine the SEO-aligned websites’ keyword strategies and pallets to maximise online exposure, impact and engagement.
  4. Delivering PPC marketing, paid social media and Google Ads activity; analysing, interpreting and reporting results.

C Planning, developing and executing market-sector campaigns

  1. Contributing marketing expertise and thought leadership to the market-sector planning process. This will enable the development and documenting of an overall marketing strategy, an operational plan and sector specific campaign plans with objectives, engagement, conversion targets and budgets for each market sector.
  2. Executing marketing campaigns targeted at defined market sectors using agreed marketing channels and collateral in line with campaign plans. This will involve a range of activities involving personal work, working with other resources in the business and with external resources.
  3. Measuring performance of all marketing efforts using a variety of analysis tools and providing detailed reporting and "next step" insight.
  4. Preparation and management of the campaign plan budgets.
  5. Updating of the marketing database in the relevant CRM system according to the results of marketing campaigns.

D Other aspects

  1. Developing an overall marketing perspective for the business in line with latest trends and techniques in order to maximise personal input to business development and to create opportunities for personal career development within the business.
  2. The Digital Engagement Marketeer will be expected to contribute:
    - marketing thought / technique leadership to the overall development of the business;
    - business acumen based on career and life experience; and
    - intellectual effort / brain-power towards identifying and resolving the key issues facing the business.

This job description indicates the main responsibilities and duties of the post and is not an exhaustive list of duties. The job role may be reviewed in light of the experience and development within the service. Any review will be undertaken in conjunction with the post holder.