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Job Description

Job Title:Digital Marketing Analyst
Reporting to:Operations Director

Responsible for:

  • Applying data-driven analytical tools and methods for extracting, analysing, visualising and reporting on data and marketing insights that contribute to optimising lead generation and lead conversion across a range of marketing activities and platforms in a format that tells a story.
  • Developing and applying relevant metrics and KPIs that enable insights to be derived from marketing activities.
  • Providing data-driven analytical actionable insights into on-line advertising and digital marketing campaigns including social media to enable those activities to be optimised.
  • Providing data-driven analytical input into website-driven marketing and sales activities using channels such as Amazon and Costco.


Chronologic is a B2B supplier of time and attendance, and workforce management systems. It supplies a range of systems and products to techie and non-techie people in a wide range of businesses and market sectors.

The company is investing in building an in-house, multi-disciplinary Digital Marketing team that together encompass the range of skill sets needed to design, create content, develop and optimise digital marketing campaigns across a range of platforms including company websites.

The company has a strong team culture internally. This role sits in two teams:

  • The Digital Marketing Team – responsible for developing and executing the digital / online strategy for the business; the majority of sales enquires come from the company’s websites;
  • The Sales and Marketing Team - a symbiotic team on which the business is dependent to generate and close sales opportunities.

Growing the volume of leads and improving lead conversion rates are the driving goals of the Digital Marketing team.

This role is a key position within the Digital Marketing Team and provides an opportunity to engage in and contribute to a broad range of marketing activities and initiatives. To execute the full range of activities, a contribution to developing the marketing strategy and campaign roll-out programmes is required.

Marketing Manager

Key working relationships

  1. Other members of the Marketing Team including the Webmaster and Marketer.
  2. The Sales Team
  3. The Operations Director
  4. The Managing Director

Key Responsibilities

  • Developing and applying a portfolio of relevant website SEO and other metrics, and KPIs that will enable detailed insights into website performance to be obtained. Applying this portfolio to extract, analyse, visualise and report on data and marketing insights that contribute to optimising the websites.
  • Communicating and interpreting data and marketing insights so that they are readily intelligible to other team members; contributing to website development as a member of the Digital Marketing Team.
  • Developing, agreeing and optimising the Keyword strategy across websites and online campaigns to maximise visibility of the product portfolio on the web.
  • Applying data-driven analytical tools and methods to analyse all areas of the marketing, sales funnel and customer life cycle to provide insights into customer awareness (website content, blogs, video, social media channels and brand awareness) leading to enquiry generation, consideration (demonstrations, trials, etc.) leading to product/service purchase, purchase (cart optimisation tactics, pricing strategy) and retention (working with the renewal team) to optimise pull though and increase revenue.
  • Working with the Marketer and Webmaster to refine content and UX to drive website conversions by optimising user journeys.
  • Working with the Marketer and Sales team to create, agree and document the metrics, KPIs and the basis for ROI evaluation for:

        a.    outbound marketing campaigns to ensure that measurable success criteria are included at the planning stage; and
        b.    advertising campaigns including Google Ads, sponsored advertising with Amazon and product advertising with retail partners.

  • Monitoring the effectiveness of outbound email campaigns by using relevant tools, metrics and KPIs (e.g. delivery, open, click-through rates, goals achieved, etc.); extracting and reporting on actionable insights gained.
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of advertising campaigns by using relevant metrics; extracting and reporting on insights gained.
  • Extracting and analysing data on social media campaigns, and providing actionable insights to improve campaign exposure and effectiveness. (Relevant metrics include traffic generation, campaign / group involvement, end user engagement and overall brand awareness.)
  • Monitoring and reporting on the correlation of marketing budget allocation with marketing activity ROI; making recommendations to improve the overall ROI on the marketing spend.
  • Conducting data-driven research on competitors, generating and analysing benchmarking data; extracting and reporting insights.
  • Working with the Marketing team to research, evaluate and implement marketing tools to support promotional projects and AB and MVT testing (automation software, social media scheduling, etc.)