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Job Description

Job Title:Financial Controller
Reporting to:Operations Director

Responsible for:

Leading the operational finance, accounting and contractual areas of the business.

Using data analysis insight to contribute to business operations and strategy.


Finance & Admin team size: 5 including a Business Analyst.

Overall responsibilities

  1. Operational financial control, accounting and reporting
  2. Working with the Business Analyst to generate insights to drive business process development and ROI
  3. Contract administration and reporting


Chronologic is a fast-growing, data-driven, complicated, small company, which uses a business operations infrastructure of computerised systems, websites and portals as key resources to. These generate management accounting and business information, which needs to be analysed and reported, so that it can contribute to business decision-making.

Accounting and contract management processes form a key part of the structure of the business and need to more closely aligned with the processes within Operations. The intention is to combine the accounts and contract administration teams into one department within Operations, under the leadership of a Financial Controller.

This is a new position with a broad remit, and there will be scope for the job holder to contribute to the development of systems and processes across the business, and to business growth. Where required, training can be given to expand the skill set of the job holder.

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Key working relationships


  1. Business Analyst
  2. Operations Director
  3. Finance Director
  4. Accounts and Contract Admin team
  5. Sales team and Webmaster

External: Organisations providing financial services

Key Responsibilities


    • 1.1 Cash cycle
      Management and reporting of the cash cycle covering credit control, payments processing and cash flow forecasting; ensuring that all payments made are correctly documented and authorised.
    • 1.2 Payroll
      Operation of the monthly payroll ensuring all employees are paid correctly in a timely way; ensuring that changes to salary payments and payroll deductions are correctly documented and authorised.
    • 1.3 Financial accounting
      Operation and maintenance of the financial ledgers to ensure their accuracy and integrity to support production of management and statutory accounts. VAT matters including submission of quarterly VAT returns.
    • 1.4 Cost and management accounting
      Maintenance of cost and management accounting records.
      Evaluation of product, project and service gross margins.
      Preparation of management accounting analyses and management accounts to reporting target dates.
      Monitoring and reporting of revenue and capital expenditure against budget with variance analysis.
    • 1.5 Business information
      Working with the Business Analyst to:

      • monitor, interpret and report on a wide range of business information from internal systems; and
      • generate insights to drive business process development and business ROI.
    • 1.6 Business planning & forecasting
      Preparation of operating budgets as part of the annual Operational Plan.
      Preparation of year-end and other forecasts.
      Contributing to strategic planning.
    • 1.7 Year-end accounting
      Preparation of year-end accounting schedules to the year-end timetable to support production of the company's statutory accounts.

    • 2.1 Contractual documentation
      Reviewing and recommending changes to, standard business contractual documentation, where required.
      Reviewing contractual documentation from customers, suppliers and other relevant parties to understand the implications for business contracts; taking action or making recommendations, as appropriate, to ensure that the company's contractual position is protected according to policy guidelines.
      Drafting contractual documentation, where required, to support sales, purchase and similar transactions.
    • 2.2 Sales contracts
      Ensuring that contractual documentation with customers is correctly issued and maintained as contracts proceed; generation of sales invoices and other sales-related contractual documentation; and maintenance of contract records.
    • 2.3 Purchase contracts
      Placing of purchase orders with suppliers to fulfil sales contracts, order for stock, or to meet other business requirements.
    • 2.4 Recurring billing
      Renewable contracts and subscriptions generate substantial revenue. Ensuring accurate maintenance of contract records and timely issue of contract documentation and invoices to support and maintain income streams.
    • 2.5 Authorisation & Reporting
      Ensuring that business transactions are correctly authorised in accordance with the company's authorisation procedures; management reporting on contract activities.

    Managing a small team ensuring appropriate training and development is undertaken.
    Preparation and review of internal process documentation for the Finance & Admin team and systems used.
    Providing accounting and contractual support to other teams within Operations.
    Other tasks as required to support the business and its growth.