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Job Description

Job Title:1st/2nd Line Support Engineer
Working Dept:Customer Support
Reporting to:Customer Services Team Leader

Responsible for:

Providing 1st & 2nd line Technical Support for current SaaS systems; analysing and reporting system bugs; training customers; providing pre-sales services to the sales team; reviewing support and marketing collateral for technical correctness; upskilling colleagues.


Chronologic is a mature but fast-growing, complicated, small company, supplying time and attendance, and workforce management systems to a solid customer base, with an increasingly technical portfolio. There is a multi-disciplinary, team approach to running and developing the business as processes often span several functional areas.

Chronologic's growth has come from recruiting and developing high quality staff, providing good quality products and a high level of customer service to both techie and non-techie people in a wide range of businesses and market sectors.

This is a full-time role joining an existing, busy support team. The job involves working from the operations base in Midsomer Norton; there may be the occasional need to visit customer sites from time to time.

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Key working relationships


  1. Customer Services Team Leader
  2. Customer Services Team
  3. The Sales & Marketing Team
  4. Operations Director


  1. The Customer-base
  2. System suppliers / developers
  3. Prospects, in conjunction with the Sales team

Key Requirements


  • In depth networking skills
  • DNS / IP Routing knowledge
  • Traffic route tracing skills / experience
  • PC Support and administrative control experience
  • System testing understanding


  • Problem analysis and resolution skills
  • Process-orientated approach
  • System feature testing, bug testing and reporting experience


  • Able to carry out complex arithmetic calculations
      e.g. Timesheet / Overtime / Accrual / Deductions calculations

Organisation and time management skills

  • Ability to multitask
  • Able to carry out scheduled activities in a reactive environment
  • Good note taker
  • Able to create technical note / customer-facing support documentation
  • Understanding of stock control


  • Ability to provide pre-sales services to the sales team
  • Able to prepare good written responses to customer enquiries
  • Able to update ticketing system with details of all customer support activities


  1. 2nd Line Support
    Chronologic do not currently have a support team large enough to be segregated into different tiers of support. However, there are requirements for different levels of support as determined by the nature of the issue being reported by customers. Complex issues reported that cannot be resolved by the I&S Technicians will be escalated to the 1st/2nd Line Support Engineer, who will then work with the I&S Technician to resolve the issue.
  2. 1st Line Support
    The 1st/2nd Line Support Engineer will be included in the 1st Line support activity as determined by requirement, volume of calls and staffing levels.
  3. Customer Training
    A key part of retaining happy and loyal customers is to ensure that they get the maximum benefit from the SaaS system; this, in part, is achieved by providing good quality, structured training.

    Training is delivered remotely, so it needs to be:

    1. Structured so that the customer knows what the training session will cover;
    2. Delivered in sessions that last no more than 1 hour;
    3. Be logical so the training follows a sensible learning path; and
    4. Be supported by training documentation that customers can print off and annotate during the training sessions

    The 1st/2nd Line Support Engineer will need to deliver the training and contribute to the creation of the training programme content.

  4. System Documentation

    Help Notes and Training Documentation
    Chronologic provides full online system usage documentation which needs to be updated as the portfolio develops; training notes are also provided as part of the system training. The 1st/2nd Line Support Engineer is responsible for ensuring all online content and training material is kept current for the systems supported by the engineer.

    Internal Technical Notes
    New knowledge acquired to resolve issues, improve system performance or to support new features needs to be documented and distributed within the Support Team to ensure full knowledge transfer. This upskills the whole team and improves customer support capability. The sales team may also need to be upskilled to ensure that functionality is sold appropriately.

    Processes need to be created and followed in order to provide good quality, consistent customer support. The job holder is responsible for creating and/or amending process documentation, internal training and monitoring process compliance and suitability.

  5. Supplier Interaction

    Bug resolution
    Bugs, as reported by customers, need to be replicated, fully tested and fully documented and / or videoed. This detail needs to escalated to the system developer for resolution using the developer’s ticketing system and formatted appropriately. The process may involve regular communication with both customer and developer.

    New features
    Occasionally, new features may be requested, assuming that there is sufficient demand within the customer-base / opportunity. This needs a structured approach that ensures that the developers understand the prioritisation and includes sufficient detail to allow the developers to work to a spec. and for Chronologic to be able to sign-off delivery of the feature / enhancement. Any new feature request needs to be business-cased, agreed and approved internally before being communicated to the developers.

  6. Pre-Sales
    The technical nature of the portfolio means there is an occasional requirement for sales to be supported from a technical/product knowledge perspective. This includes the creation of a detailed, documented understanding of customer requirements, system demonstrations and specification of standard functionality for inclusion in sales proposals.
  7. Marketing - Collateral
    Marketing collateral needs to work on two levels:

    1. Delivery the right sales messages, and
    2. Being technically accurate providing sufficient, but not too much, detail.

    There is a requirement on an ad-hoc basis, to change and/or update marketing collateral to reflect changes in the marketplace or enhancements to the portfolio. Marketing may request the 1st/2nd Line Support Engineer to check the technical elements of the collateral and advise where details are incorrect, out-dated or inadequate. The 1st/2nd Line Support Engineer will be responsible for providing technically-accurate detail for Marketing.

  8. Other Activities
    Anything else that is required by the business to acquire and retain customers.

Staff responsibilities