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Job Description

Job Title:Assistant Webmaster
Reporting to:Webmaster
Section:Marketing Team

Responsible for:

Working with and learning from the Webmaster to create modern, compelling webpages, and to maintain all aspects of the company's external and internal websites including performance, optimisation and security.

Providing original infographic, imagery, iconography and animation capability for the websites, social media and other online activity, outbound campaigns and brochure design.

Developing and updating brand guidelines and designing, recording and editing sales and technical videos.


Chronologic is a mature, complex B2B supplier of time and attendance, and workforce management systems with a solid customer base. It supplies a range of systems and products to techie and non-techie people in a wide range of businesses and market sectors.

The company has a suite of WordPress websites that are a mix of e-commerce, sales, information and system-help websites; these are entirely created and managed in-house. There is also a requirement to expand the portfolio with new cloud-based products.

This is a full-time in-house role within the Marketing team. It is a developing position with a broad remit and potential for career growth within an expanding business.

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Key working relationships


  1. The Webmaster
  2. The Marketing Team
  3. The Sales Team
  4. The Operations Team
  5. The Operations Director


  1. Suppliers of website hosting services

Key Responsibilities

Inbound, web-generated enquiries are the most productive source of sales leads for this business, so it is imperative that websites are compelling and effectively managed. The Assistant Webmaster will learn from and support the Webmaster in the ongoing development, maintenance, SEO, analysis and improvement of site performance, UX and security, as detailed below.

The Assistant Webmaster will work closely with the Marketing team on website design and animation requirements to support the promotion activity and creation of static and dynamic content.

  1. Developing a comprehensive understanding of the company and its products and services, plus their key features and benefits, as background knowledge for carrying out marketing activities.
  2. Working with the Webmaster to manage all website activity including:

    1. overall website maintenance and house-keeping
    2. link maintenance including removal of negative or poisonous links
    3. maintenance of website functionality
    4. updating of company and web internet listings to remove legacy product & brand entries
    5. content management for SEO performance purposes
    6. on-going management and updating of website plug-ins
    7. setting-up and checking of back-up & restore routines
    8. maintaining website security to minimise vulnerability to cyber-attacks
    9. conducting random audits of live site content
  3. Setting up and using website management tools, such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Google Tag Manager, to provide analytical data on website performance.

    Working together with the Marketing team, to analyse website data and to generate insights into visitor behaviour and website performance.

    Website monitoring to highlight changes to presence and ranking; investigation of reasons for the changes to provide actionable information; optimisation activities to drive web conversion including checking paths and landing pages.

  4. E-commerce sites need to encourage products to be bought off the page. The ease with which visitors can navigate the site, find the appropriate information, and feel confident that the product will meet their requirements has a direct impact on the number of zero-touch sales.
    Working in conjunction with the Webmaster and Marketing team, the Assistant Webmaster will review visitor behaviour, and recommend and test changes to optimise website UX and on-page performance.
  5. Setting-up and maintaining website shops including:

    1. setting up and monitoring shop performance; and
    2. automating reports for sales and stock analysis.
  6. Creating infographic, imagery, iconography and animation, as scoped by other members of the Marketing team, to elevate web pages, brochures, outbound emails and other sales material.
  7. Creating / Editing sales and training videos, recorded by others, to provide intros, outros and backdrops, etc.


The job holder required a strong working knowledge of both WordPress and the Adobe suite.

Assistant Webmaster

Maximum file size: 8MB