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Job Description

Job Title: Marketing Manager
Reporting to: Operations Director
Section: Sales & Marketing Team

Responsible for:

Supporting the Sales team by generating quality sales enquiries for the business by creating compelling web content, planning, creating and executing marketing campaigns and other activities using a range of marketing channels.


Chronologic is a B2B supplier of time and attendance, and workforce management systems. It supplies a range of systems and products to techie and non-techie people in a wide range of businesses and market sectors.

The company has a strong team culture internally; this role sits in two teams:

  • The Sales and Marketing Team - a symbiotic team on which the business is dependent to generate and close sales opportunities.
  • The Digital Marketing Team – responsible for developing and executing the digital / online strategy for the business; the majority of enquires come from the company’s websites.

The company is seeking to develop a pro-active marketing function as a key resource to drive sales enquiry generation and business growth.

The business uses primarily website-based activities to generate sales enquiries, however, direct and indirect marketing activities are also required to create customer and prospect awareness.

This position is a key role in the business and has a broad range of responsibilities. To execute the full range of responsibilities effectively will require contribution to the development and delivery of the marketing strategy.

Marketing Manager

Key working relationships

  1. The Webmaster
  2. The Sales team
  3. The Operations Director
  4. The Operations team
  5. The Managing Director

Key Responsibilities

A Development of a personal knowledge base

  1. Developing a comprehensive understanding of the company’s products and services, their key features and benefits as background knowledge for carrying out marketing activities.
  2. Developing positioning statements for the business underpinned by an understanding of the markets that the company serves, the players in those markets, and how the company’s products and services can compete in those markets.
  3. Understanding the marketing channels applicable to the company’s business, documenting the mechanics of how those channels operate, and how to exploit those channels for promoting the company’s products and services and generating sales enquiries. This includes social media channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.
  4. Understanding that part of the company’s ICT systems and infrastructure enabling marketing tracking information to be gathered, analysed and distributed internally.

B Website-related activities

  1. Working closely with the webmaster and sales team to create SEO-aligned, compelling website copy that complements the sales messages and generates quality enquiries.
  2. Working as part of the Digital Marketing team to define the digital marketing strategy, operational plan and reporting requirements and to monitor and analyse all marketing aspects of the company’s websites’ performance.
  3. Developing and implementing PPC campaigns; reporting and analysis of results.

C Planning, developing and executing market-sector campaigns

  1. Contributing marketing expertise and thought leadership to the market-sector planning process. This will enable the development and documenting of an overall marketing strategy and an operational plan with objectives, targets and costs for each market sector with marketing campaigns to be approved and executed.
  2. Executing marketing campaigns targeted at defined market sectors using agreed marketing channels and collateral with the objective of generating quality sales enquiries. This will involve a range of activities involving personal work, working with other resources in the business and with external resources.
  3. Development of marketing collateral for use on the websites, in marketing campaigns and for regular communication with existing customers, e.g. case studies, marketing literature, newsletters, blog items, copy for direct marketing and e-mail marketing. This will involve working with the webmaster on the design and using / applying creative copywriting skills. [The management team usually contribute ideas as well as reviewing and commenting on marketing activities so that the broadest range of knowledge and experience can be captured.]
  4. Monitoring, reporting and analysing marketing campaign results, and understanding and circulating the lessons learnt, so that they may be applied in the future.
  5. Preparation and management of the marketing budget.

D Marketing database management

  1. The company uses a number of sales and marketing CRMs including: Autotask, Constant Contact, Zoho and Survey Monkey. The introduction of the GDPR means that these platforms need to be tightly managed and synchronised to ensure compliance.
  2. Compilation of prospect lists for use in database-generated marketing campaigns according to the planned campaign criteria.
  3. Updating of the marketing database in the relevant CRM system according to the results of marketing campaigns.

    [Note: A combined telemarketing / telesales / customer support activity may be implemented as part of the Operations function. This will provide support to cleanse and update the marketing database.]

E Miscellaneous marketing channels

  1. Content management and evaluation of registrations for on-line directories.
  2. Creation of display advertising and editorial content for trade publications as required.
  3. Contributing to possible exhibition activities.

F Other aspects

  1. Developing an overall marketing perspective for the business in order to maximise personal input to business development and to create opportunities for personal career development within the business.
  2. Developing and protecting the company’s brand by documenting and monitoring consistent use of branding in written and electronic comms and on the websites.
  3. There is no staff management responsibility at present. As the marketing function develops there is likely to be a need to recruit staff members to carry out supporting activities.
  4. Other marketing related activities as needed.

G Contribution to the Management Team

  1. The Marketing Manager will be expected to contribute:

    - marketing thought leadership to the overall development of the business;
    - business acumen based on career and life experience; and
    - intellectual effort / brain-power towards identifying and resolving the key issues facing the business.