Chronologic Workforce Management

If you are an employer with employees who have worked for more than six months they are now entitled to request the ability to work flexibly.

Whether the employee can work flexibly or not is something that has to be agreed as it isn’t a right as such. If employers can show that the business would suffer then the employee can’t force the organisation to let them work flexibly. The employee can continue to make a request every 12 months.

If you have employees already working flexitime and would like a very efficient way to monitor working hours, without having to trawl through manual time-sheets, then you can implement a cost-effective time and attendance system to enable you to manage the flexible working simply and quickly.

You can choose from very easy to implement web-based cloud solutions that enable you to get up and running in minutes and monitor time and attendance from anywhere in the world from any internet connected browser, or more powerful on-premise time and attendance solutions with powerful calculation capabilities.

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