Customer case study: Arthur David

Arthur David a Chronologic Workforce Management System customer

Arthur David started life as a fruit and vegetable wholesale business in Bristol over 50 years ago, and has since developed into a successful food service delivery business. Customers include 5 star fine dining restaurants, hotels, cafes, pub chains and schools.

The company employs 230 full-time staff working 7 days a week on a site which includes their head office, warehouse and delivery fleet.

Attention to detail

As Arthur David has continued to grow, their old paper-based time and attendance system was becoming hard to manage and the information recorded inaccurate. In 2009 they approached Chronologic to replace the paper system with a new software solution.

Daren Hill, Operations Director at Arthur David comments, “We wanted a system that wasn’t prone to human error. We also wanted to more accurately record things like overtime, sickness and holidays. Overall we needed to modernise the way we looked after this side of the business.”

Preparation, preparation

Arthur David chose the Chronologic Workforce Management System because it can be precisely tailored to each individual organisation’s shift patterns, pay rules and reporting requirements. Biometric hand scanning was also an important factor in ensuring ease of use and accuracy.

Daren comments, “The initial set up was straightforward enough and we received very good support.”

One issue that Daren did find initially was getting staff to fully buy-in to the new system. To ensure that the system really does what an organisation is looking to achieve, as part of the initial set up, existing systems and processes need to be identified and articulated.

Daren advises, “Make sure someone in the organisation is assigned to be the person responsible for the setting up of the system and is fully trained in how to use it.”

At Chronologic we find that many organisations, particularly those who’ve been running paper-based time and attendance recording for many years haven’t really looked at their internal systems and processes for a while. Updating the way an organisation works requires bringing together knowledge from different departments and working through potential issues. This can take time, but ultimately an organisation will benefit substantially through savings on payroll costs and the streamlining and improvement of business processes.

Daren adds, “The Chronologic system is very good for a medium sized business like ours. If I was going to start the process again I think you must be 100% clear how you want to set up daily and weekly rules and schedules because changing it all later causes confusion. There were HR implications as well and I would make sure staff contracts have been reviewed before the system is set up.”

At Chronologic we make sure we stay with our customers every step of the way, our service doesn’t end with the sale. We help customers manage the initial requirements capture, provide training and support through the set up period and provide user support for many years of system running to enable organisations to get the most from their time and attendance system.

NB: Arthur David has recently re-branded and were previously known as A David & Co.

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