Bigger, Bolder & Better: We’ve relaunched our EAC website!

Employee attendance cloud website announcement

This week sees the long-awaited relaunch of our Employee Attendance Cloud website.

If you’ve visited our site before and read about the range of employee management software solutions we offer, you may already be familiar with the fact that Employee Attendance Cloud (EAC) is a cloud-based system that offers your business access to an impressive selection of highly effective workforce management functionality. Even better, it does so at an affordable and scalable cost, depending on the size of your workforce. And, better still, it operates on a monthly subscription fee, with no contract or minimum tie-in period of any kind.

EAC by Chronologic allows you to plan and manage your employees using one centralised system. In basic terms, this means that you have unlimited access to valuable business data wherever you are and whenever you need it.

And now, we’ve given EAC the website what it deserves, by highlighting the features in more detail and showing you exactly what EAC offers you and how each of these tools can help your business in a practical, tangible way. We’ve also included some fantastic new products, such as EAC wave, which uses state-of-the-art NFC technology for our cheapest clocking station yet.

Also new to the site is our fabulous 4-in-1 clocking machine, which provides your employees the option of clocking in and out using four separate methods: biometric fingerprint; facial recognition; RFID cards/fobs and pin number. These methods can be combined in any way at any time, meaning you are guaranteed to never miss a piece of clocking data.

Other reasons our customers love EAC include:

  1. It will save your business money – and for many, that is the only reason they need.
  2. It means saying goodbye (and good riddance) to countless hours of admin work!
  3. It allows you to address all of your Time and Attendance and Workforce Management needs in one centralised system.
  4. It really swaps the arduous tasks in areas such as Absence Management, Attendance, HR management, Payroll, Holiday Planning, Rota Planning and Automated Reporting for much quicker and easier alternatives.

So why not head over to the new-look site to find out more about how EAC can help your business.