Customer case study: The Bott Group

The Bott Group is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of workshop equipment, in-vehicle equipment and workplace systems. With a turnover of €120 million, Bott employs around 850 people worldwide [2015].

In the UK, Bott has 2 manufacturing locations. Our Workforce Management System is installed at the UK headquarters in Bude, Cornwall and at the Ashby de la Zouch site in Leicestershire. Bude manufactures made to order workplace storage. The Ashby de la Zouch site specialises in vehicle conversions such as van racking and the bespoke fit out of vehicles predominantly for service engineer fleets.

The core of the Bott corporate philosophy is about listening carefully to customers to fully meet their specifications and project requirements, as well as ensuring that every project receives meticulous attention to detail.

Long-term view

Mark Loudwill is Information Technology Manager at Bott and has been working with Chronologic since 2001.

Bott approached Chronologic for a new workforce management solution because the company was growing rapidly and required a more advanced and adaptable system than the one they had.

The business wanted a system that could not only reduce admin intensive tasks, but more importantly, a solution which enabled them to be more agile when managing a large and growing number of employees.

Mark takes up the story, “Chronologic takes the time to understand your business needs. It is as we say, a long-term relationship. When we were making the initial purchasing decision the system was demonstrated and every question that was asked was answered, not only by the software but by the extensive knowledge that Chronologic has regarding this application, and time and attendance in general.”

Immediate benefits

Bott currently has 458 employees using proximity fobs to clock. There are 8 terminals over the 2 manufacturing sites. Staff clocking in include workshop production, (both day and night shifts), warehouse distribution and office staff. Bells are sounded using an ACU unit.

As Mark says, the benefits of the new system are easy to see.

“We’ve saved approximately 4 – 6 hours in admin a week by removing Excel based overtime summary sheets.

The system has given us the ability to keep a handle on a large number of employees, absences, target hours, sickness, banked hours and availability. Departmental information is now readily accessible for making key management decisions.”

We asked Mark what he particularly liked about the Chronologic Workforce Management System, he responded, “Where do I start? The system is an excellent T & A solution.”

Mark highlights some of the key features the system offers Bott as a business.

  • “Seeing employee availability by department empowers management teams and ensures they can arrange adequate cover during busy periods.
  • The ability to customise script functionality proved invaluable in providing a solution for our banked hours calculations which include automatic calculation and carry over.
  • Accurate payroll reporting allows us to import overtime directly into our payroll system.”

Ongoing relationships count

Mark’s relationship with Chronologic goes back more than 16 years.

This is what he has to say about our implementation and support teams.

“Working as an IT Manager I have had to deal with many different software applications and associated support desks. I can quite happily say that none so far compare remotely to the level of support we received throughout the migration from the old time and attendance system to the installation of the Chronologic Workforce Management System.

Chronologic continues to deliver an impeccable level of support and service, there are never any problems only solutions.”

Like Bott, at Chronologic we take the time to listen to customer’s requirements and tailor our workforce management systems to meet their needs. We also take the long-term view, maintaining ongoing relationships with our customers is important to us too.

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