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Real-time reporting for managers

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Browser-based system view

Managers and supervisors can view and manage clockings, rotas and HR data in real-time wherever they’re located. Browser-based admin can be accessed using PCs, tablets, Macs and smartphones. These are some examples of admin and data management that can be carried out on the web.

  • Timesheets
    It’s simple to view and edit timesheets online.
  • Exceptions management
    Simply select a date range to view exceptions.
  • Calendars and availability
    Supervisors are able to view and edit calendars, employee availability and absences.
  • Watch screen
    Timed downloads from clocking terminals can be set to run at any period down to a minimum of 5 seconds.
  • Gang clocking
    Supervisors and managers can clock in or out one or any number of employees remotely.

Time saving. Also staff being able to remotely access their rota so that they can see what shifts they are due to work and book annual leave.

Browser-based admin Browser-Based Admin