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Chronologic offers intelligent technologies to manage your most valuable resource – your workforce

After 20 years in the sector, Chronologic understand the issues companies face with their workforce and offer three different systems to solve them:

WFM by Chronologic - our all-in-one workforce solution, combining Payroll data, Time & Attendance, Reporting, HR database, Absence and more.

Key WFM benefits include:

  • Increase in the accuracy and reduce the time of payroll
  • Optimising your workforce hours to improve productivity and bottom line
  • Ensuring workforce availability and scheduling

uAttend by Chronologic - Our cloud-based Time and Attendance system. Simple to use, available from day one. Schedule employees, track hours, report data.

Key uAttend benefits include:

  • Manage holidays, sickness, and overtime more efficiently
  • Clock employees time wherever via the uAttend app, terminal, or web
  • Simple to use and no software to set-up

Citadel by Chronologic - Track your variable workforce simply. Perfect for companies looking to clock hours for freelancers, part-timers, or agency staff.

Key Citadel benefits include:

  • Unlimited overtime rules for your workforce
  • Cloud-based – available 24/7
  • See who is in or out in real-time
  • All our products are designed to meet the same end – to save you time, money, and resources.

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Training was in bite-sized modules which made it easy to implement the system without overloading software users who were new to this kind of system.

Business benefits Business Benefits