Chronologic Ltd 2023 review and 2024 plans

Chronologic Ltd 2023 review and 2024 plans

If I were to sum up 2023 in one word, it would be “challenging”

  • Recruitment has been challenging, as attitudes to employment have shifted significantly making the process of finding staff that are both committed to the business and that fit the company culture, protracted.
  • Finding new and retaining existing, customers has been challenging due to the economic environment we find ourselves in.
  • Planning has been challenging as a result of the current regional and international political landscape.

We, like many other businesses, have increased dependency on systems that contribute to business efficiency and optimising productivity. Investing in new systems or continuing with existing operational expenditure, when the business landscape is less certain, can be a difficult decision, but as long as the systems are adding value to the business, the investment will show a return.

Time and Attendance and Workforce Management systems are designed specifically to achieve this and we are very grateful to our customers for their continued business and pleased that the system benefits are recognised.

I would like to personally thank you for your continued business and hope that you feel that we have supported you in their usage appropriately over the last 12 months.


I am approaching 2024 full of optimism. The world isn’t going to change anytime soon, we just need to find ways to work through the challenges.

We have some exciting news about enhancements to the feature-set in the portfolio,

  • The rota functionality in our EAC product is being bolstered to support greater flexibility with the management of complex workforce requirements.
  • Workforce Management has a new online module and app to allow supervisors and managers to remotely manage the system.

There is also a new system that we have developed, that interfaces with cloud-based HR platforms, adding clocking in and out functionality and reporting to the existing HR capability.

Other plans are still being developed and further announcements are expected soon.

But, as important as all of the above is, we also continue to invest in our staff, ensuring that they are properly trained and able to support all of you in the manner you have come to expect from Chronologic.

Once again, I would like to thank you for staying with us and I would ask, if there is anything you need from us to improve our service to you, please let us know.

I wish you all a prosperous 2024.

Peter Sutton.

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