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New Chronologic responsive website

Moving on

We’ve re-launched the Chronologic website to make it more readable on mobile devices. Increasingly customers are using tablets and smartphones to access websites so we’ve made ours ‘mobile friendly’ (responsive).  We’ve also added new features to reflect the changing nature of the time and attendance market.


A big Thank-You! to customers for their stories and testimonials. If you are a Chronologic / uAttend customer and would like your organisation featured get in touch.

Note: More customers are choosing to let staff clock in to uAttend with the free easy-to-use smartphone app .

ebulletin-summer-2015-time-theft Cadillacs

The Johnny Cash song ‘One Piece At A Time’ told the story of two workers taking parts from the car factory where they worked to build their very own Cadillac – apparently it took 24 years!

The theft of not just physical items but time theft or fraud is a serious issue for employers. Find out how to deter time and other theft


Time and attendance systems can bring together HR, operations and finance to deliver more efficient resource management.

Our Workforce Management software has given luxury Residential Park and Holiday Home manufacturer Stately-Albion a much better view of who’s in and who’s out across their manufacturing site to ensure production continues to run smoothly.


We’ve just published the Chronologic guide to choosing a new time and attendance system. Did you know pottery manufacturer Josiah Wedgwood introduced the first clocking in system? Find out why

For more facts and tips on sourcing a new time and attendance system Download our guide (PDF)



We’ve got a bank holiday coming up on the 31st August 2015. If you haven’t already done this you can easily set the paid hours for employees in a couple of simple steps. Visit uAttend help


Workforce Management

The Attendance Board is a new web browser based add-on module which lets you create real time attendance displays tailored for different parts of the organisation. Managers and supervisors can view information relevant to them including who and where people have clocked in, which shifts and jobs they are working on, etc.

Focus Attendance Board can also be used by reception as it gives a live view of who’s in or out. Email us if you’d like a demo or call

What’s Right

Chronologic Director Alastair Slade recently took part in the Bristol Dragon Boat Festival as part of the What’s Right team. See pictures from the day

Chronologic supports What’s Right CIC a Bristol based business networking group which raises money for good causes.

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