Chronologic’s Systems: Some of Our Employee Management Success Stories

Chronologic’s System: Our Employee Management Success Stories

Chronologic’s Time and Attendance System: A Success Story at Hackling Ltd. Since 2004

In 2017, John Hackling (Transport) Ltd., a long-time partner of Chronologic since 2004, upgraded its time and attendance system, a move that significantly improved their operations and efficiency. According to a spokesperson from the company,

The transition to the new system, which included biometric fingerprint machines and software, was seamless, and Chronologic provided ample support when needed. This upgrade simplified time tracking and transformed payroll management and holiday tracking, eliminating manual processes. The spokesperson noted,

Swapping a paper-based time and attendance system for biometric fingerprint machines and a software system has saved the warehouse team a lot of time. Timesheets no longer have to be manually processed for payroll or holidays managed on spreadsheets.

The benefits of Chronologic's system were evident, including significant time savings, reduced paperwork, and the elimination of errors. The system also excelled in managing employee holidays efficiently.

Our employees may have been somewhat apprehensive initially, but newer systems ensure fair pay for hours worked. Over 60% of our customers said they had fewer arguments with employees over pay with their new time and attendance system

the spokesperson added.

Throughout their journey with Chronologic's time and attendance system, John Hackling (Transport) Ltd. praised the exceptional support received from the Chronologic team.

This experience underscores the transformative power of Chronologic's time and attendance system, showcasing its effectiveness in streamlining operations and enhancing accuracy. With a partnership spanning nearly two decades, it's clear that Chronologic's commitment to innovation and support continues to deliver exceptional results for its clients.


John Hackling (Transport) Ltd

Chronologic’s System: Rowse Honey Streamlines Workforce Management with Chronologic

Having been a loyal customer of Chronologic since 2014, Rowse Honey recently transitioned to the new Workforce Management (WFM) system by Chronologic to optimise their workforce operations. The transition has not only streamlined their workforce management processes but has also delivered significant benefits in terms of accuracy and time savings.

Rowse Honey had been using the previous system with great satisfaction but recognized the need for an upgrade to better suit their complex scheduling requirements. The team at Rowse Honey was initially concerned about the complexity of their various shifts and working schedules. However, the WFM system by Chronologic proved to be the ideal solution, offering a multitude of innovative ways to handle different shifts and calculations with ease.

The support from Chronologic was very good and timely, especially during the transition stage when we needed it most.

One notable improvement highlighted by Rowse Honey is the user-friendliness of the new system. The introduction of proximity fobs eliminated issues related to lost or misplaced swipe badges, making it simpler for employees to use the system effectively.

Two key advantages delivered by the WFM system are accurate payroll processing and substantial time savings in payroll preparation. In the past, Rowse Honey had to make extensive modifications to the exported data to compensate for the shortcomings of their old system. Payroll preparation used to consume a significant amount of time, often extending into a full day. With the new system in place, payroll processing is now completed by lunchtime, reducing the need for overtime and ensuring precision in wage calculations. The system also facilitates a seamless audit trail from clocked hours to payroll, eliminating discrepancies.


Rowse Honey

Team Impressions Ltd Transforms Operations with EAC by Chronologic

Team Impressions Ltd, a forward-thinking company, has upgraded its workforce management with EAC, a powerful solution by Chronologic. This shift has significantly boosted operational efficiency and accuracy.

The journey began when Team Impressions Ltd discovered EAC through a Google search. Intrigued, they promptly contacted Chronologic and adopted EAC in March 2022, marking a pivotal moment in their workforce management practices.

Before EAC, the company struggled with an outdated clocking system that relied on physical fobs, resulting in inefficiencies in attendance tracking and holiday management.

The service we receive from the support team is brilliant! The speed of response is great and so much better than most of our other systems providers.

A Team Impressions Ltd representative commended EAC's efficiency and exceptional support: "The service from the support team is brilliant and faster than most providers."

The standout feature of EAC is its timekeeping accuracy. The automated system eliminated the need for manual tracking and improved efficiency significantly. Around 70% of employees now use the smartphone clock-in app for seamless clocking and holiday management, with geo-location fencing ensuring on-site clocking. Biometric facial clocking is also in use for some staff members.


Team Impressions Ltd

Future Cleaning Services Utilises uAttend Technology for Efficient Staff Management

Keith Busfield, IT Support Manager at Future Cleaning Services, is a strong advocate for leveraging technology to improve business processes. He has successfully integrated uAttend into the company's staff management, revolutionising how they handle on-site workforce activities.

We chose uAttend as it’s really easy to set up and manage. Because uAttend is cloud-based, it’s low maintenance for me – I don’t have to install or update software which frees up my time for other projects like the customer portal.

The choice of uAttend was driven by its user-friendliness and cloud-based nature, which reduces maintenance hassles and frees up time for other projects, such as the development of a customer portal.

uAttend is a key component of Future Cleaning Services' bespoke customer portal, highlighting their commitment to excellence and accountability.

Today (2016), uAttend is used daily by over 3,000 staff members. The company has deployed 88 facial recognition clocking-in terminals on customer sites, each with mobile dongles that securely transmit data to uAttend without impacting the client's network.

Facial recognition technology ensures that only authorised staff are present on-site, eliminating the need for swipe cards or fobs. The uAttend phone clocking-in service adds flexibility for dispersed staff working various hours. Employees use designated phones on-site to dial into uAttend via a toll-free number, enter a PIN, and clock in or out. This system's "white-listed" phone numbers ensure staff are where they should be during clock-in times.


Future Cleaning Services Ltd