Customer case study: C L Jones

customer case study c l jones

C L Jones is a family-run builders’ merchants based in North Wales which has been trading since 1982.

Providing a tailored service, not only for building professionals but also for those embarking on self-build projects, they go the extra mile to ensure staff at the trade counters are knowledgeable and helpful.

The business has continued to grow, currently around 60 staff are on the payroll. Staff work across 5 sites, on the yards, at the counters and drivers who deliver the goods.

Why were you looking for a time and attendance system?

C L Jones decided to look for a new time and attendance system because keeping track of paper timesheets was becoming a major chore for branch managers and payroll staff.

Kate Barnett is the Administration Manager based at the head office in Bethesda, Gwynedd.

“Branch Managers used to record on paper timesheets when staff were in, off sick or on holiday as well as any lost time or appointments. They also had to record any authorised overtime. Each month this is a minimum of 20 timesheets that had to be collated and checked by payroll staff.”

The business also had other requirements, one of which was particularly tricky to manage manually.

“It became clear we needed more information on hours worked and absences but more importantly to be able to schedule staff on Saturday rotas.”

Why did you choose the Chronologic Workforce Management System?

“We did look at other attendance systems, but from the demonstration and viewing the website this software seemed easy to use, was similar to our current business software and could be installed on our hosted server in a secure area.”

C L Jones chose to use biometric fingerprint for employees to clock in and out. Biometric fingerprint terminals encode an individual’s fingerprints. The code is stored on the system not the actual fingerprints, this ensures Data Protection rules are complied with. When an employee clocks in, their print is matched to the stored code.

“Staff do not have to worry about losing a card and neither do they have to be issued to new staff; it also gives the management peace of mind with the knowledge that worked hours are not being misassigned.”

How has the Chronologic system benefited C L Jones?

Now the Chronologic Workforce Management System is in place it delivers time-saving benefits to the company.

“Saturday rotas are very simple to manage in the system and it is able to cope with many different working patterns. It no longer requires the payroll staff to remember which staff work the different working patterns.”

Using the Workflow and HR modules, branch managers are now able to access relevant information about their own staff.

HR Management brings together information which is often held separately by different departments. Managers are assigned appropriate permissions to access relevant data.

We can now keep all personnel details within this system, we are recording training requirements and can have electronic copies of certificates for authorised staff to view. This gives us a method to provide the “authorisation to operate” requirements and send diary reminders by email to managers when any need review. This functionality also helps us to improve our recruitment process.”

Using the Workflow Module, “They get an email if any staff member has not “clocked in” or forgotten to “clock out” and they are able to correct it. Any lost time can be queried immediately and dealt with and of course they can authorise the overtime.”

In addition, Kate explains that they are replacing a spreadsheet based system using the Workflow Module.

We are now also using this software as our transport database and are able to report when MOT’s, tax, inspections, services etc. are due. Currently this is in a very old database and numerous spreadsheets; it is very time-consuming to maintain manually and difficult to report on. The ability to use workflows to set up email alerts helps to make it more automated and reduces the level of management time required.”

Managing holidays has also become much simpler and fairer. C L Jones uses our Employee Self-Service Module which enables staff to request holidays online using any device with web access.

At head office we have one manager who approves all holidays and is able to ensure there is sufficient cover in each branch. He can easily record the movement of staff to another branch and show it on the branch availability screen. As holidays are approved or denied an email is sent to that member of staff with a link to the self service area where they request their holidays.”

The Chronologic team

At Chronologic we pride ourselves on our pre and post sales service and support. Kate takes a pragmatic and thorough approach to sourcing and implementing software systems.

The sales process was very straightforward. If you have your specification written out on paper and go through it point by point you will get exactly what you are expecting. This is no different to buying any piece of software. You should always be clear on what is required and what your expectations are. The data can be uploaded, it is a simple process, but the data does have to be meaningful, a little time sorting and checking it will pay dividends.”

The implementation is straightforward, but take the time to read the training documents before starting.”

We also asked Kate about the support we offer

“In the early days a quick response from the support team is important and we have found that is what we get. I email my query and have a phone-call the same day and often within the hour with the answer. The team have a friendly manner and do give you confidence to contact them rather than struggle with a problem.”


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