Clocking systems vs paper timesheets

Clocking systems vs paper timesheets

Workforce Management Solutions are a popular way to manage your workforce. With our clocking systems you can track absences, lateness holiday and overtime. In the past these have been managed with paper timesheets or in Excel. There are a number of reasons why a time and attendance, or employee attendance system might be a better option.

Improvements in technology

With advancements in technology, time and attendance systems such as uAttend offer a range of solutions to attendance management issues that are not available with paper timesheets. It is not just a case of digitising a paper clocking system: biometric clocking systems offer the opportunity to integrate in with your payroll system and prevent “buddy clocking”, where another employee can clock in for someone absent. It also means that you can set rules in one place – such as overtime – and they can be easily applied and calculated for all your employees.

Prevents loss

Using paper timesheets to record hours always carries the risk that the timesheets can be lost or damaged. This can lead to extra work and stress on the part of the employee as well as the employer.

Cloud Based

Employee Attendance clocking systems like our Employee Attendance Cloud is cloud based. That means that all the information is stored securely and backed up in the cloud. If all your timesheet information is stored in an excel file on a computer and that computer breaks, or the file is deleted, then that information is lost forever. A cloud-based system means that this data will always be backed up and you have access to it from any web-browser enabled device.

Prevent fraud

As mentioned earlier – workforce management tools like Employee Attendance Cloud are able to be used with biometric clocking terminals. This means that employees would need to use their fingerprint or facial recognition in order to clock in or out. This has clear advantages over a paper timesheet. Not only will you have peace of mind that employees are signing in and out correctly, employees can also be confident that their hours are being accurately recorded.

Real time data

With a time and attendance system you are able to see what is happening with your employees in real time. You can see who is currently signed in and out as well as being able to quickly see sign in / out and break times. The dashboards on uAttend make this easy. It is much more difficult to achieve with an excel file or a paper system.

Track problem lateness

The larger an organisation gets, the harder it can become to track patterns in lateness or non-attendance. This is not made any easier with paper timesheets. With a Workforce Management system like WFM by Chronologic, it becomes easier to spot these patters by being able to look at attendance on an organisational and individual level.

Clocking systems

Workforce Management Solutions offer a technological solution which means that paper and excel timesheets are on their way out. The solutions above show how a system can not only make life easier for managers and HR but can also make signing in and tracking hours simpler for employees.

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