Best Western Centurion Hotel,

Midsomer Norton

“We already had a swipe card time and attendance system in place at the time (2013), but it became clear during a conversation with Chronologic that the old system wasn’t delivering what the hotel now needed.
Chronologic’s ability to understand our requirements in depth showed that they knew the hospitality sector well and could show us how the system would interact with different departments and our shift patterns. We could immediately see how the WFM by Chronologic system was going to work much better for us, particularly for programming in schedules and rotas.”

“Our old software wasn’t flexible enough and didn’t do even half of what the new Chronologic system does. The flexibility of the time and attendance rules for the tracking of the many different start and end times and the ease with which the rota can be programmed saves us time, and it’s been especially valuable when it comes to managing staff holidays and monitoring lateness and absence. The team can now get real time reports on holidays, lateness and absence quickly and easily without having to go to head office. In return, head office receives accurate reporting on sickness and absenteeism. It’s also meant that employees and supervisors can be more proactive in maintaining rotas and managing issues caused by planned and unexpected absence. Staff can now ensure that everything that can be done in advance is, to save time and maintain high levels of customer service.”

Biometric fingerprint machine Centurion Hotel

“The installation process was smooth and efficient. The software was installed remotely and the engineer came along and set up the biometric fingerprint machine. Training was in bite-sized modules, which made it easy to implement the system without overloading software users who were new to this kind of system.”

When asked what, if anything, they would change about the system now it’s been up and running for a while, they responded: “There are some employees who literally don’t have fingerprints, so the only thing we might have done differently is take up the option of the face scanner, as that would have dealt with the issue. Also, KPs have their hands in water all day, which can obscure fingerprints. A way around this has been to use PIN clocking for a small number of employees – there’s no loss of data and we don’t have to manually enter those clockings, either.”

Centurion Hotel

System install: 2013
Number of staff: 90
Clocking method(s) used: Biometric fingerprint machine

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