For well over 40 years, John Hackling (Transport) Ltd. has been a trusted 3rd party logistics supplier for companies in the counties surrounding their Bourton-on-the-Water base in Gloucestershire. As part of the Palletline and Hazchem networks, the company also delivers all over the UK and across Europe and enjoys combining the challenges of oversize and unusual distribution jobs alongside the day-to-day road haulage, warehousing and fulfilment service work.

“We have been with Chronologic since 2004, and in 2017, we decided to upgrade to a new time and attendance system. We did some investigating and realised that WFM best suited our requirements.

The system was reasonably easy to install, and support was provided when needed. Everyone that has to clock in now does so, and I can keep track of where people are and expected to be. At a touch of a button, you can see who is on site. Swapping a paper-based time and attendance system for biometric fingerprint machines and a software system has saved the warehouse team a lot of time. Timesheets no longer have to be manually processed for payroll or holidays managed on spreadsheets.

Biometric fingerprint machines Hacklings

If you’re looking to save time in the long run, then go for this type of system. The benefits are that it does save you time, it cuts out a lot of paperwork and eradicates human error. The system is also very good at keeping track of people’s holidays. Because the clocking in data is no longer manually collated, it’s more accurate.

Our employees may have been somewhat apprehensive initially, but newer systems ensure fair pay for hours worked. Over 60% of our customers said they had fewer arguments with employees over pay with their new time and attendance system. To keep track of holidays, there are at-a-glance calendars and availability screens where managers and supervisors can see individual, department and organisation-wide holidays. Potential holiday clashes can also be picked up quickly to ensure enough resource is always available.

Chronologic has been very supportive. If there have been any problems, of which, may I add, there are very few, 99% of the time the situation can be dealt with over the phone.”


Customer Since: 2004
New system install: 2017
Number of staff: almost 32
Clocking method(s) used: Biometric fingerprint machines

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