K Fresh,

East Yorkshire

“We’ve been using uAttend since December 2018. We currently have 48 employees and use a mixture of the smartphone clock-in app and biometric fingerprint machine terminals. All in all, it’s very good and reliable – so long as people remember to clock in, of course!

Personally, my favourite feature is the dashboard, where you can see very quickly who is clocked in or out. This is really useful for keeping an eye on everything in real time.

clock-in app k fresh

I would absolutely recommend uAttend. The system is very easy to use and records hours accurately, which makes reporting easy. Before uAttend, it was all paper time sheets in our company. uAttend has saved us so much time, as it is all recorded on the system and really easy to access.

K Fresh

System install: 2018
Number of staff: 48
Clocking method(s) used: Clock-in app & biometric fingerprint machines

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