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We can keep proper HR files of the employees on the system and the reporting will hopefully assist us with trend spotting in business peak periods.

ICT Team Leader

We work with many different parts of the public sector, including some of the unsung heroes who work in cleaning, waste management and inspection teams.

Chronologic’s employee time tracking and attendance solutions provide cost-effective and efficient ways to make it easy to manage shifts and rotas, allocate the right pay rates and keep track of overtime, flexitime, TOIL and annual leave. Our software solutions help to ensure that all employees receive fair pay for the work they do.

Employees can also be given a self-service web-based option to clock in, view their timesheets, annual leave, sickness and rotas. Employee Self-Service also allows them to book annual leave and absences such as dental and doctor’s appointments. Managers and supervisors can view and approve requests online.

Real-time dashboards and reporting mean that data for each individual and department is immediately available. Regular reports can be emailed automatically to managers and supervisors as required in HR, finance and other teams.

Suffolk Coastal Port Health Authority

Suffolk Coastal Port Health Authority is the largest of its kind in the UK. The authority is part of Suffolk Coastal District Council’s health department and responsible for the Port of Orwell Haven which includes the port of Felixstowe, where most employees are based.

The authority‘s remit covers:

  • Import controls for food and products of animal origin
  • Ship sanitation control
  • Food standards, food safety and water quality
  • Infectious disease control

Too many spreadsheets

The authority is very keen to maintain excellent service levels and fast turnarounds for port customers.

Bradley Borley has been ICT Team Leader at Suffolk Coastal Port Health Authority for just over a year. When he arrived they were managing the shifts on spreadsheets, which as he says,

“Is very long winded and not the greatest of systems. Plus we had paper holiday cards as well which we were keen to remove.”

Added to this, other employee information was being held and recorded on 21 spreadsheets. As Bradley and his colleagues recognised, this was not an ideal situation.

The decision was taken to look for a time and attendance system which would bring all this information together, making it easier to access, manage and report on.

The solution

The authority has chosen to use remote proximity fob readers on their main site. The fobs don’t need to be touched to the unit to record clockings on the system which makes it more convenient for employees.

As well as the core attendance system the authority has invested in a number of add-on modules:

  • HR Management has brought together the employee information that was being kept on 21 spreadsheets.
  • Browser-Based Admin: managers have access to Browser-Based Admin which means they can log in to the system and carry out a range of tasks when out and about.
  • Employee Self-Service: this enables staff to log in online on smartphones or tablets to view their rotas and request holidays and other time off.

Bradley and the team also chose the Chronologic system because it can be tailored to their requirements, “I like the fact it’s customisable, we have spent time setting it up to capture all of the information we need to run the service.”

We asked Bradley what it’s been like working with the Chronologic team.

The support team are excellent, they quickly respond to your queries should you have any.”

Suffolk coastal port health authority

The sales team were very good, they spent time with us giving us a demonstration, answering our questions, but also happy to answer our questions after the demo. The support team are excellent, they quickly respond to your queries should you have any.

Bradley Borley

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