Robust time and attendance solutions for tough work environments

The Chronologic time and attendance system has been designed to work in tough environments. Biometric hand scanners are often the main choice for businesses with a lot of manual workers. Its also easy to set up and manage shifts and rotas.

Morris & Perry

Morris & Perry is part of the S. Morris Ltd. group of companies, a family-owned independent quarry company and manufacturer of construction materials. The company head office is located in the Mendips in Somerset and has been supplying high quality asphalt, concrete and aggregates for over eighty years.

The Morris & Perry quarry at Gurney Slade was acquired in the 1960s along with a manual tally roll clock which had already been in operation for many years. When this manual clock started to go wrong it was decided to make a big step change in the way they managed clocking in and they looked to source an ‘intelligent’ software-based time and attendance system.

The solution

Morris & Perry chose the Chronologic Workforce Management System. We customised the software to add the extra functionality required. This additional functionality although not over-complicated needed some thought as employees’ time was calculated in a non-standard way. The flexible scripting available within our time and attendance software system enabled these non-standard calculations to be carried out easily. Hand scanning clocking in terminals were chosen over RFID terminals to make it easy for employees to clock in and not have to remember swipe cards.

The benefits

Accounts Manager, Tracey Simpson sums it up neatly “I returned from holiday and it was lovely not to have all the reams of paper to go through as I would have had to before. I just clicked and there was all the information I needed.”

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