Waste Management

Keeping track of who’s on-site and when ensures site safety and accurate payroll

Chronologic time & attendance software has been designed to work in tough environments. It’s easy to set up and manage shifts and rotas and amend as required. Keeping track of hours worked and people on-site for health and safety is simple too.

Oxford City Council Recycling

In the past the 70 staff at the waste and recycling depot filled in their time sheets manually, which is not an accurate or efficient way to record attendance at work. The installation of the new time & attendance software has enabled the council to streamline the service and make financial savings.

The solution

There are two biometric hand scanning terminals are used for staff to clock in and out. One is located inside and the other outside, with a special hurricane cover so that it can be used in all weathers. A customised ‘Run Out’ screen has been provided so that managers can plan working schedules very quickly and more accurately.

The benefits

Ian Bourton, Oxford City Council project manager,

“The Chronologic Workforce Management System has made it easier:

  • To allocate staff shifts and managers can monitor and report staff attendance.
  • Holidays, lieu time and sickness absence are also recorded much more accurately.
  • Precise clocking in and out of staff members means that managers can see the information at any time on the screen.
  • You haven’t got staff filling out time sheets when they could be using the time to carry out work.
  • Staff can ‘bank’ hours they haven’t used, which we can use to undertake training for example.
  • There is more accurate recording of overtime and we are now just using one database instead of three or four.”

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