Employee Attendance Cloud by Chronologic: Revolutionising Workforce Management for Businesses

Employee Attendance Cloud by Chronologic: Revolutionising Workforce Management for Businesses

We're excited to introduce our innovative product, Employee Attendance Cloud (EAC), designed to help businesses like yours optimise their workforce and unleash its full potential. Our ground breaking cloud-based solution provides a complete set of top-notch workforce management tools, all at an affordable price. You can access it easily through a hassle-free, no-contract monthly subscription.

EAC is the reliable choice for organisations seeking to efficiently plan and oversee their staff, boosting productivity and streamlining workforce management. Plus, there are no installation or hardware expenses, if you choose to clock in and out via our mobile App, making it a cost-effective and user-friendly solution that has revolutionised how businesses handle their workforce.

Key Features and Benefits of Employee Attendance Cloud:

  • Clocking in App:

    EAC continues to provide a cutting-edge clocking in app that comes free with all subscriptions. This app records crucial information such as time, location, and department, ensuring accurate and reliable attendance data. We also have just released some new exciting features.

  • Workforce Planning:

    Achieve optimal utilisation of your employment force by using EAC's workforce planning capabilities, via our workforce scheduling feature. This feature ensures that you have the right number of employees, with the right skills available to meet your staffing demands, ultimately enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  • Time and Attendance:

    Employee Attendance Cloud continues to offer a comprehensive suite of tools for tracking hours, gathering and processing, payroll data, and more. This simplifies the payroll process and ensures accuracy in wage calculations.

  • HR & H&S Management:

    Store all your essential HR documentation securely within the system. EAC also enables you to set alerts for important events, ensuring timely compliance with HR and health & safety requirements. Additionally, it offers fire roll-call capabilities to enhance safety protocols.

  • Staff Absence Management:

    Identify patterns of absenteeism and track holidays effortlessly. With EAC's absence management feature, you can minimise the administrative tasks associated with employee leave, ensuring smooth operations.

  • Free System Set-Up and Training:

    Chronologic remains committed to providing a seamless experience for its customers. That's why Employee Attendance Cloud includes free system set-up and training, allowing businesses to enjoy the benefits from day one without any additional costs.

We would recommend Chronologic to others because they listened to exactly what we needed and also offered us the best-case solution for our business.

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