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Web-based employee portal

Empower your Employees – cut the administration burden – automate your processes.

Our optional web-based Employee self service module offer a cost-effective way to reduce the HR paper trail.

At head office we have one manager who approves all holidays and is able to ensure there is sufficient cover in each branch. He can easily record the movement of staff to another branch and show it on the branch availability screen.

Employee self service Employee Self Service

Employee self service

An online service is ideal for employees working off-site, at home, on customer premises or for service teams out on the road. Employees can clock in using PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones.

A growing number of organisations are also finding that giving employee’s more responsibility for managing their own time cuts down on arguments about hours worked and holiday clashes.

Employees can view their timesheets and holiday calendars as well as request holidays, Flexi, TOIL and other time-off online. They are also able to see their work rotas.

You can choose, using GPS, to record the location of remote clockings made by employees using the web or a smartphone to clock in. Supervisors and managers can see the locations employees have clocked in from on each timesheet, (which displays the locations on Google Maps).

Empower your employees

Using our employee self service portal, employess can be enabled to view their own holiday calendar and reguest holidays at anytime, anywhere, eliminating manual processes and reducing interruptions, for their managers. Managers will be alerted to holiday requests in the system and be able to assess and approve using the tools provided. This provides a complete solution to holiday management and cuts out the time and destraction caused by manual holiday requests.

Holidays were requested on a paper form. We were looking to streamline our admin processes and be able to more accurately monitor attendance, time-keeping and sickness.

Michelle Towers – The Cote Charity Michelle Towers – The Cote Charity

Hours worked can be checked on their timesheet, reducing the amount of payroll queries to Finance and HR.

Web clocking options

Using our online service employees can clock in to the workforce management system using smartphones, tablets, Macs and PCs, (it’s optional, you can choose whether you want to allow web clocking).

Web clocking adds flexibility for employees out on the road or working from different sites or offices. You can see exactly where they have clocked in from using geolocation.