uAttend takes the headache out of managing seasonal staff time and attendance

Over the past few weeks businesses have been announcing their plans to recruit extra staff in the run-up to Christmas as another bumper online shopping spree is predicted.

30% more UK shoppers apparently plan to buy online during this year’s Black Friday on 27th November (as the pre-Christmas online shopping frenzy day is now dubbed), compared to 2014. Digital commerce consultants Salmon predict this will take consumer online spend on Black Friday to over £1billion as retailer’s marketing efforts peak around this day.

Amazon are taking on 19,000 temps primarily in fulfillment and customer service centres which’ll help to fuel Black Friday! Delivery firm Yodel has announced it’s hiring 7,000 staff, including more directly employed drivers, owner drivers and self-employed couriers to cope with the predicted Christmas rush and help to ameliorate delivery issues experienced by many delivery company clients and their customers last year around Black Friday.

And it’s not just large businesses who need to think about staff resourcing planning for Christmas.

Making lighter work for many fingers!

If you take on seasonal temporary staff how do you cope with keeping on top of hours worked and pay during this hectic period?

  • uAttend is our cloud-based time and attendance system which keeps accurate track of hours worked ensuring everyone is paid fairly and businesses can keep control of wage bills with real time reporting.
  • Biometric fingerprint readers are one of the fastest and easiest ways to clock staff in and out (no swipe cards to buy or PIN numbers to remember).
  • Fingerprint clocking in terminals also prevent time fraud such as buddy clocking. Employees whether permanent or temporary won’t be able to clock colleagues in and you’ll know exactly when each person clocked in or out. The information is collated in your online account making it simple to track hours worked and to export to payroll.
  • uAttend is also very scalable, you can change your pricing plan as staff levels fluctuate. The fingerprint clocks (swipe card clocks are also an option), literally just plug in and off you go, so they can be moved around or mothballed until required again.
  • For added security temporary staff records can easily be removed from fingerprint clocks and archived on the system and swipe cards re-allocated as required. It might also be advisable to put in a double-checking system as temporary staff are archived to prevent any instances of payroll fraud.

Top tip

From our friends at HR Dept, “Why not get a head start by encouraging employees to book leave well in advance? It’ll help avoid disappointment whilst letting you sidestep staff shortages at what’s for many a very busy time and awkward conversations that might otherwise have been caused by potential holiday clashes!”

uAttend allows staff to book holidays and get approvals online. Our Chronologic Workforce Management System lets employees view departmental holiday calendars so they can see what’s available as well as book holidays and other absence online. Both time and attendance systems give managers and supervisors a better overview to enable more effective resource planning.

Get ahead of the rush

You could have a uAttend time and attendance system up and running in less than 20 minutes – taking the headache out of tracking attendance, pay and temporary staff costs this year.

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Forbes (contains links to – ‘The Black Friday and Peak Trading Ecommerce Operations Playbook’ by digital commerce consultants Salmon)

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