Customer case study: Gillards

Gillards a Chronologic Focus Workforce Management System customer

Gillards Worldwide Warehousing and Distribution is a family run business with over 30 years’ experience in warehousing, distribution and order fulfilment.

Operating from a 100,000sq ft. secure, humidity controlled warehouse, Gillards has their own fleet of vans as well as working with other courier and freight companies to ensure seamless national and international delivery.

Customers include English Heritage and the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales. Gillards take pride in the fact that over 70% of their customers have been with them for over 10 years.

34 staff are employed at their Temple Cloud site which is located 10 miles outside Bristol. 28 staff clock in and out using our time and attendance system with HRX RFID proximity terminals.

We initially supplied Gillards with an older time and attendance system in 2002 with swipe cards for both clocking in and access control. As part of the upgrade to the Chronologic Workforce Management System Gillards decided to take advantage of RFID proximity fobs attached to key rings. Proximity fobs are more robust and less likely to be forgotten or lost than swipe cards.

The value of long-term relationships

At Chronologic we also pride ourselves on long-term relationships with our customers. We’ve worked with Gillards for over 13 years.

We asked Mandy Rowe, PA to the Senior Management team to tell us why Gillards chose Chronologic for a new system upgrade,

“We chose Chronologic having had dealings with Access-to-Time in the past*. Who were very efficient and helpful.”

Like many of our customers, Gillards value the ability of our time and attendance software to be able to deal with complex shift patterns, different pay rates and varying start and end times. Once the rules defining shifts, pay, etc. are set up in the system, getting accurate payroll information is easy.

Mandy comments,“Our staff work different hours from each other so the system makes it very easy to set up different working rules for individuals. Running payroll reports, holiday reports, etc. is very useful and time saving for us.”

The Chronologic Workforce Management System provides at-a-glance calendars and availability screens, managers and supervisors can see individual, department and organisation-wide holidays. Any potential holiday clashes can be picked up in a timely way to ensure the right resources are always available.

It’s also simple to change schedules and working patterns for single or multiple employees and for one or multiple days, this means resource planning and overtime pre-authorisation can be done quickly and efficiently.

Another time-saving feature is ‘exception management’, a core part of the time and attendance system. The exception screen flags working pattern anomalies to managers and supervisors by employee and department, any issues can be dealt with promptly. Exceptions pick up for example, employee absences, failure to work a target number of hours for a shift, working on a bank holiday, unauthorised overtime or clocking in at a time that didn’t match any allowed shifts.

Service and support

We asked Mandy how she’d sum up Gillards relationship with Chronologic.

“I would highly recommend Chronologic to other organisations.”

We trust that we’ll be supporting Gillards in continuing to deliver an excellent service for their customers for many years to come.

*Access-to-Time was re-branded as Chronologic in 2013.

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