Customer case study: Glynhill Hotel

customer case study glynhill hotel

The 4 star Glynhill Hotel and Leisure Club is situated in Renfrew near Glasgow. The 147 rooms and public areas are serviced by a team of over 150 staff. Guest reviews particularly comment on the friendliness of the hotel staff and the hearty breakfast!

Graeme Gibson is General Manager and has been at the hotel since 2017.

Why were you looking for a time and attendance system?

“We were using a manual attendance system which was time-consuming both at departmental level and then when processing payroll. “

Graeme also explains, “The manual system relied on a level of trust.”

Employees manually guesstimating start and finish times doesn’t give a business an accurate picture of hours worked or costs.

Why did you choose the Chronologic Workforce Management System?

“We looked at a number of attendance systems and decided on Chronologic. The reporting process was much more effective, the cost data was more accurate and detailed. And we could easily import data into Sage payroll.”

140 staff including kitchen, cleaning, laundry and agency staff now clock in using a biometric fingerprint clocking terminal. Most staff are hourly paid, some salaried employees also clock in.

Graeme also wanted a more efficient way to manage shifts. There are a number of regular shifts as well as staff on ad hoc working, and kitchen staff on split shifts. They’ve found the flexibility in the Chronologic system has helped them manage resourcing throughout the hotel more efficiently.

“Split shifts are easily managed” and ad hoc shifts are simple to add on-the-fly.

Staff can log in to the Employee Self-Service portal on their smartphones to see which shifts they are working.

There is also better control of overtime working, line managers receive an email alert if unauthorised overtime is worked. No-show alerts are also sent to line managers, set up using the optional Workflow Module.

What do you particularly like about the Chronologic System?

“The financial data and the ability to split working hours across a number of cost centres.”

Cost Centre reports enable you to track hours worked by department. This can be particularly useful if you have individual staff working in different departments across a working week.

How has the Chronologic system benefited the Glynhill Hotel?

“Reduction in processing time, accurate daily payroll data, control of working hours.”

The Chronologic team

We asked Graeme what his overall experience has been working with us.

“From our first demonstration to our current use of support, we have been treated with respect and patience. No question is too stupid!