Planning for work absence during adverse weather

Most of us appreciate a bit of seasonal snowy weather but not if we have to get to work. Acas has recently issued guidance to employers and employees regarding travel disruption and its potential impact on pay and resources.

Employees aren’t automatically entitled to pay if they can’t get in to work due to bad weather. If schools are closed, parents may have to stay at home to look after children at short notice (which may be regarded as an emergency situation as they couldn’t reasonably have planned alternative childcare in advance).

Acas suggest that employers should have in place a clear ‘adverse weather or ‘journey to work’ policy and that the policy is clearly
communicated to employees.

View the Acas adverse weather guidance for employers and employees

  • Chronologic’s Workforce Management System can help employers keep on top of absence and manage rosters and rescheduling. Attendance information is available in real time which means organisations can respond to potential resourcing issues instantly. Accurate clocking also means that those who make it in are paid fairly for the hours they do.
  • Our uAttend employee management system enables employees to clock in remotely by phone, free smartphone app or the web if they are unable to get to work but can work from home.
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