Have you had a rush of staff booking holidays for Easter? Maybe it’s because they’ve worked out they can get an 18 day break but only need 9 days of leave to join up the bank holidays. This bonus period starts from Good Friday on the 14th April and ends on the 1st May, the May Day bank holiday. This year the Easter weekend is the 14th – 17th April 2017.

And for those looking further ahead to Christmas 2017, for 3 days leave they can take a ten day break by booking only December 27th – 29th.

If you’re looking for better ways to manage staff holidays, and to ensure you have enough resource to cover holidays, take a look at our workforce management system.

Holiday calendars allow the HR team and other managers to see who’s booked holiday by individual, department or company wide.

With employee self-service employees can view days booked off for holidays and other absence on their individual calendars. To request a holiday employees simply click and drag across the dates they want to select on their calendar. When booking time off they can add a comment which their manager will see. When the manager has dealt with the request the employee is able to see the status of their request when they log in. All holiday requests are date and time stamped to ensure fairness.

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