Holiday management

Staff holiday planning

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Enable line managers, HR and employees with the tools to manage the holiday process

No more spreadsheets, paper requests or endless interruptions

Make the holiday booking and approval process easy for employees and managers alike. Holiday management gives your employees transparency over how much holiday they have and how much they have already used.

Engage employees with their own holiday calendar view and holiday request tools

  • Managers can see when requests are pending and easily click to the employee's history and status
  • Manage when you wish to without interruption - easily review employee holiday status
  • Review the team status to minimise disruption and production - and ensure minimum staff levels are maintained
  • All the information to hand, in one place, when you need it

Holidays were requested on a paper form. We were looking to streamline our admin processes and be able to more accurately monitor attendance, time-keeping and sickness.

Holiday management Holiday Management

Track staff holidays

  • Easily review your employees holiday status and history
  • Comprehensive holiday reporting across groups, departments and teams
  • Know what's outstanding, be able to plan with confidence and ensure compliance with your rules

Easy management of any holiday type

  • Fixed or accrued hours, part-timers, bank staff, zero-hours contracts - all easily managed
  • TOIL, flexitime - your rules made simple
  • All data centrally held with access to authorised managers
  • Employee’s can be given a view of their history, status and can even make holiday requests

Protect the business and productivity

  • Know who's available and who's booked as absent
  • Easily support minimum staffing levels and production
  • Maintain business continuity