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Keeping on top of holiday requests and holiday pay calculations can be tricky especially if you are still doing it manually. There have been a few recent court judgments around holiday pay entitlements which may also need to be factored into your calculations. Acas has issued these recent updates to their useful publication holiday pay guidelines:

Acas holidays update for employers

  • Guaranteed and normal non-guaranteed overtime should be considered when calculating a worker’s statutory holiday pay entitlement.
  • Commission should be factored into statutory holiday pay calculations.
  • Work-related travel may need to be factored into statutory holiday pay calculations.
  • A worker’s entitlement to holiday pay will continue to accrue during sick leave.
  • There are different rules for calculating holiday pay depending on the working patterns involved.
  • Worker’s must take their statutory paid annual leave allowance and can only be ‘paid in lieu’ for this when their employment ends.

Read more in this ACAS update 

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