We aim to be as transparent as possible. If you’re actively looking for a time and attendance system, deciding which vendors to approach is easier if you have an idea of whether your requirements and budget and what our software offers are in the same ballpark.

Whilst there are basics common to all customers buying a time and attendance system from us, it’s the details which make each proposal unique and the pricing specific to each customer.

Some real customer examples

A good way to gauge how much a Chronologic Workforce Management System might cost is to look at the cost per employee.

 HotelCare Home Manufacturing
Cost per employee per day5.1p5.4p7.2p
Employees clocking in165255195
Clocking options3 biometric terminals3 biometric terminals3 biometric terminals
ShiftsMultiple shifts and rota patternsMultiple complex shifts/rota patternsMultiple shifts
Number of people using the systemMultiple managers and administratorsMultiple managers and administratorsMultiple managers and administrators
The price per employee is calculated over a five year period and includes all system*, hardware, licencing and support costs.

We don’t believe in a hard-sell, we provide good value, practical attendance systems which deliver for our customers.

If you’d like a more detailed breakdown of the system functionality – what you get for the money, get in touch or fill in this contact form.


If you’re looking for something really quite simple

Our uAttend cloud-based clocking system could be right for you. Paid by monthly subscription based on the number of employees clocking.
Find out more about uAttend

*Systems can be paid for as one upfront cost or on a rental basis.

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