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How to enrol employees fingerprint

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Having entered the Menu and selected New User (see manual),
enter the employee PIN (Personal Identification Number – See below)

The employee puts their finger on three times per finger to be enrolled and then the records are saved.

Ensure that the employee presses hard enough to get a good read.

Do NOT slide the finger on to the reader when enrolling and clocking.

If your finger is dry you will get a low quality read, rub it on your temple before enrolling or clocking to give better contrast on the reader.

Examples of how to enrol employees fingerprint two good clockings and one wrong finger follow – enjoy!

You can experiment with light pressure and sliding to see the effect before explaining to users how to clock properly.

Ask the employee to clock a few times once they have been enrolled to prove to you and them that they can clock easily on the terminal.

Employee Pin

The PIN is the number entered on this screen
(see towards the top, just right of centre, 1274 in this example)
PINs can be imported if you have lots of employees.


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