Chronologic | Job 2201 for the Business Analyst

Job Description

Job Title:Business Analyst
Reporting to:Financial Controller

Responsible for:

Analysing business operations, systems and processes to evaluate their effectiveness, identifying areas for improvement, and developing solutions to enhance business performance and ROI.

Making recommendations to the Financial Controller and Operations Director that will improve business performance and ROI.

Working with the teams across the business to implement agreed changes.


Chronologic is a mature B2B supplier of time and attendance, and workforce management systems with a solid customer base. It supplies a range of systems and products to techie and non-techie people in a wide range of businesses and market sectors.

Chronologic's growth has come from recruiting and developing high quality staff, providing good quality products, maintaining a high level of customer service and maximising business potential.

The business is data-driven; business operations use websites and portals, and a range of IT systems; these generate a mass of data, which needs to be analysed and interpreted so that it forms the basis for business decision-making.

This is a new full-time position within the existing finance team.

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Key working relationships

  1. Financial Controller
  2. Operations Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Other members of the business

Key Responsibilities and Duties

Analysing business operations, systems and processes to evaluate their effectiveness; identifying areas for improvement; developing solutions (independently or in conjunction with other team members) to optimise business performance and ROI; making recommendations to management; working across the business to help manage and implement change.

This is a wide-ranging analytical job and the following key areas of activity are indicative of the tasks to be worked on:

  • 1 Marketing

    Extracting insights from the analysis of website and marketing data; developing recommendations to optimise marketing spend and ROI.

  • 2 Sales

    Extracting insights from the analysis of sales lead data; developing recommendations to improve sales’ performance and reporting on conclusions.

  • 3 Customer retention

    Data analysis and investigation targeted at understand reasons for losing customers with the objective of developing action plans and processes to maximise customer retention.

  • 4 Business processes

    Analysis and documentation of business processes, including creating workflow charts, evaluation of their effectiveness, development of KPIs with the objective of optimising the internal processes of the business; evaluation of KPIs.

  • 5 Business Information reporting

    Requirements’ analysis leading to identifying and implementing a BI package. This activity will be in conjunction with the Financial Controller as the BI package will contain a lot of financial and management accounting information.

  • 6 Other activities

    Business growth will generate other activities to be identified.

Skills and Qualifications

A numbers-orientated, curious and open-minded analytical mindset is a prerequisite for this role. That will drive the problem-solving skills needed to think ‘out of the box’ to provide solutions to a variety of business problems of moderate scope and complexity.

Experience of data analysis with the use of statistics where relevant, business modelling, systems analysis would be relevant background.

Strong organizational skills are needed to handle a portfolio of projects plus the ability to work independently as well as within a team.

English with strong verbal and written communication skills is required plus dexterity with IT systems and standard Microsoft Office packages.

Candidates need to be self-motivated and able to demonstrate by a combination of academic success and/or work experience that they are intellectually capable of succeeding in this role as part of a high-performance team.