Chronologic | Job 2206 for the Customer Service and Sales Assistant

Job Description

Job Title:Customer Service and Sales Assistant
Reporting to:Operations Director
Section:Sales and Customer Service team

Responsible for:

Revenue generation by:

Responding to and following up sales enquiries, triaging / qualifying prospects to determine their requirements, demonstrating systems, quoting and closing orders.

Establishing initial contact with specifically-targeted prospective customers.

Ongoing customer contact to ensure good relationships (account management) and to protect against customer lose. Follow up calls to promote system use and to increase the value of the customer.


Chronologic is a B2B supplier of time and attendance, and workforce management systems. It supplies a range of systems and products to techie and non-techie people in a wide range of businesses and market sectors.

The main part of the job is taking sales enquires through the complete sales cycle to opportunity closure. There may be some outbound calling / prospecting. Identifying suitable organisations and relevant managers to target for marketing purposes is crucial and requires intelligence and persistence.

This is a customer or prospect contact role where the objective is to establish contact, gather intelligence and get a ‘foot in the door’. The intention is to clarify potential customer needs and, where appropriate, to arrange a more-detailed sales call, meeting, or a demonstration to ensure the system offered satisfies the requirements then secure the sale.

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Key working relationships

  1. Sales management
  2. Operations Director
  3. Other members of the Sales and Customer Service team
  4. Marketer
  5. The Customer Support team

Key Responsibilities

  1. Triaging / qualifying new inbound enquiries to ascertain an initial set of requirements. /div>
  2. Understanding and assessing customer needs / pain points and identifying the appropriate solution to satisfy those needs.
  3. Giving online system demonstrations to prospects and evaluating reactions.
  4. Preparing quotations for systems or quoting prices for products using standard sales procedures and tools.
  5. Following up on previous contacts with customers, prospects with outstanding opportunities or quotes that may have been quoted by others, to progress the opportunity through the sales cycle.
  6. Closing opportunities and obtaining orders.
  7. Reporting and completing system records for sales opportunities in terms of quantity, wins and losses in-line with standard processes and tools.
  8. Developing and maintaining relationships within key accounts to protect against customer attrition and to increase the customer revenue. This includes making onboarding calls and arranging system training for all new customers.
  9. Onboarding all new customers and calling to arranging system training.
  10. Updating the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system with information from customer contacts.
  11. Actively participating in weekly sales meetings providing forecasting targets and marketing feedback .
  12. Making outbound calls to existing customers to cleanse and compile data for marketing and general contact purposes as well as to ensure that we maintain contact with our customers when nominated contacts leave.
  13. Outbound calling to organisations and contacts to establish potential requirements and interest in the products and solutions supplied by Chronologic.
    The purpose is to:
    1. feedback marketing intelligence gained during customer / prospect interactions
    2. gather intelligence as to whether an organisation is a suitable target for marketing communications
    3. to identify potential contacts within an organisation; and
    4. to secure contact details for the influencers and decision-makers.
  14. Anything as required by the business.