The History of Chronologic Ltd

The History of Chronologic

Our Journey

From humble beginnings to a 20-year legacy, we’ve evolved with the market landscape to deliver innovative workforce technology.

After seeing and experiencing the multiple struggles of workforce management first-hand, Chronologic was born. The company registered as Access-to-Time Ltd and began developing an all-in-one workforce management system.

Knowing that Chronologic needed to build its portfolio and customer base to succeed, the company purchased a small Time and attendance business PC Utilities in Bristol.

After six years of trading in Wootton Bassett near Swindon, Wiltshire, the company moved to Midsomer Norton near Bath, Somerset.

With the Chronologic workforce management system becoming more popular with businesses across the UK, Chronologic purchased Channel Time, a Time and Attendance business in South Wales.

An exclusive UK distributor agreement was signed with Processing Point, Inc. (now Workwell Technologies, Inc.) for UK distribution rights of uAttend – a cloud-based time and attendance system.

After moving to the area in 2006, and seeing the potential for talent hire (due to the proximity to Bath and Bristol) and the ability to expand, Chronologic established its headquarters in Somerset.

With their first cloud-based product launched, development of their workforce management system and growing desire to expand further, the company rebranded to Chronologic Ltd.

Chronologic signed their 1000th uAttend customer. This milestone cemented the company’s desire for more cloud-based solutions. Over 53,000 employees now use uAttend daily.

As part of Chronologic’s investment in their employees and customer service, the Chronologic Management Training Programme was set up to further develop team members skills and retain talent.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic affecting businesses across the world, Chronologic continued to trade and deliver exceptional customer service throughout the UK lockdown. The company is now actively recruiting new team members to expand and the future is bright.

Our customers were asking for a full workforce management solution, but without the expenses an on-premise system demands – so we delivered.  
Employee Attendance Cloud gives you access to a host of next-level workforce management functionality all delivered in an easy-to-use cloud package. 

This acquisition is a new milestone for Workwell by expanding our international presence. We’re excited to bring additional products within the Workwell brand to the UK and Europe through this acquisition.

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