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Our promise to you

If you check out Our Values page, you’ll see that we’re invested in making sure you get the most from our systems.

These values are upheld through all aspects of the Chronologic business and play an important role in the service we offer.

For instance, within our ‘Empowerment’ value, we promise to treat our staff and customers the same way – with honesty and respect.

This might seem like a generic line, but for us, it is a huge part of our work culture. Treating our employees with honesty and respect means ensuring our employees are happy, able and up to their job. It’s empathy that everyone can have a bad day, but the honesty and transparency that our employees know what is expected of them.

So honesty and transparency are clear. But what about the resect part?

For us, honesty and respect go hand in hand. You can’t lie to someone and respect them.

We don’t tell you what you want to hear; we tell you the truth, whether that’s to do with the system, delivery or another aspect of our business.

We will always be polite, and our UK based customer service team will do their best to meet your needs. But we respect you too much to sell you something that won’t work for you.

We will also respect the fact you choose us, so this value continues in our relationship until the end.

As we don’t believe in ‘hard selling’ we’ll also respect when you need time, and won’t call you multiple times a day to try and change your mind.

Other values of ours include Innovation (investment, evolution and growth) as well as Security (cyber safety and cloud-based – where available).

We’re always open to feedback from our customers and others in the industry, so would love to know what your key values are when choosing to do business with a company.

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