Payroll reporting

Accurate payroll data when you need it

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Automate your payroll process

The Chronologic system collects employee time and attendance data and applies your work rules automatically.

This can remove multiple levels of data checking and validation and releases managers to do what they do best. It also enables accurate, timely payroll data that can be imported into your payroll system in just a few clicks. Or you can simply download a csv, excel or other file format version.

  • Payroll data ready for simple upload to your payroll system when you need it
  • No more spreadsheets, rules already applied ready to process
  • Release key management and finance time for more productive work
  • Reduce employee payroll queries and the diversion they create
  • Optimise the cost of the workforce - maximise the bottom line
  • Compatible with most payroll systems

In the past we always had to modify the export to correct for shortcomings in the old system. The payroll preparation used to take at least a day and now it’s finished by lunch time. This saves the company paying overtime to get the hours ready for payroll.

Payroll reporting Payroll Reporting

Central business data available to those that need it

Chronologic provides a central resource for all authorised system users to access when they need it.

No more departments relying on locally created reports with limited access to key management.

Payroll, employee data, absence, holiday, infringements, HR and operational reports available to managers with suitable permissions.

Accurate real-time data whenever it’s needed.