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Our range of biometric clocking systems:

Fingerprint, facial recognition and hand scanning biometric clocking systems are the perfect solution for large and small time and attendance systems. Keep track of employee attendance with our range of clocking in machines.

Biometric clocking systems can benefit your business by uniquely verifying an individual and eliminating time clock fraud.

  • Control Labour Costs
  • Minimise Compliance Risk
  • Improve Workforce Productivity
  • Intuitive User Experience

Consistent, accurate timekeeping is an effective way of reducing the cost of lost time. The clocking procedure is intuitive and quick, encouraging punctuality. Our systems read each employee's unique fingerprint, hand shape, iris or face shape allowing you to take control of buddy clocking, and unauthorised breaks. A quality time and attendance system saves you money!

Fingerprint biometric clocking systems


Easy to install, this biometric fingerprint clocking in system is the perfect solution, increasing clocking accuracy and cutting out buddy clocking. This fingerprint clocking in terminal works with our Chronologic Workforce Management System.

Hand scanning biometric clocking systems


This biometric 3D hand scanning system is ideal for use in environments where employees may have worn fingerprints or wet or dirty hands. This hand scanning clocking in terminal works with our Chronologic Workforce Management System.

Facial recognition biometric clocking systems


Biometric facial recognition system can also be used with swipe cards / key fobs & PIN clocking. Facial recognition clocking in is ideal for no-touch clocking. This facial recognition clocking in terminal works with our Chronologic Workforce Management System.

Why upgrade to a biometric clocking system?

Using the distinct dimensions of a person’s fingerprint, geography of their hand or dimensions of their face, our biometric solutions provide proof positive accounts of employee time and attendance. Utilising advanced technology, our solutions map these unique characteristics into an encrypted biometric key; enabling unique identification. Old clocking in machines are a thing of the past.