Biometric Fingerprint, Facial Recognition and Hand Scanning Terminals

Fingerprint, facial recognition and hand scanning terminals are the perfect solution for large and small time and attendance systems. Keep track of employee attendance with our range of clocking in machines.

Biometric clocking terminals - Fingerprint

Biometric fingerprint terminal

Easy to install, this biometric fingerprint clocking in terminal is the perfect solution, increasing clocking accuracy and cutting out buddy clocking..

Biometric clocking terminals - Hand Scanner

Biometric hand scanning terminal

This biometric 3D hand scanning terminal is ideal for use in environments where employees may have worn fingerprints or wet or dirty hands.

Biometric clocking terminals - Face Scanner

Biometric facial recognition terminal

Biometric facial recognition terminals can also be used with swipe cards/key fobs and PIN clocking. This facial recognition clocking in terminal is ideal for no-touch clocking.