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Random search selector remote indicator

SS4000 random search selector – remote indicator

This unit is designed for use with the SS4000 Random Search Selector. The Pass or Fail indication is displayed concurrently on both the Remote Indicator unit and the Random Search Selector itself. It connects to the SS4000 via a plug-in lead and can be installed outside.

Price: £59.00 (ex. VAT + P&P) Please contact us for a quote

Product DescriptionSystem featuresTechnical specifications
The remote indicator unit is connected via a plug in lead (supplied) and is suitable for installation in external applications.

  • High brightness LED red and green indicators.
  • Two-tone piezo sounder.
  • Input for an external trigger signal (e.g. card reader, iR beam and turnstile rotation contacts).
  • Strong ABS sealed box.
  • Cable entry from the rear.

Dimensions: H 12 cm x W 8 cm X D 7 cm (overall).
Installation: supplied with screws and wall plugs for wall fixing.
Interconnection cable: 4.3 m long.