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RFID system

RFID swipe card & proximity fob

It’s important for a business to keep accurate attendance data about its employees. This is made easy with our swipe card or fob system, making it simple for your employees to clock in and out.

The RFID system for swipe card or key fob clocking in is designed to work with the Chronologic Workforce Management System. For more information about using swipe card or proximity fob terminals with our attendance system contact us.


Product DescriptionCapacityDimensions & Weight
The swipe card or fob proximity terminals are designed to work with the Chronologic Workforce Management System.

Terminals are supplied pre-configured as part of your Chronologic Workforce Management System installation as required.

  • The terminal can be connected to a Fire Alarm Panel or manually triggered to automatically print a fire evacuation report. A serial printer can also be  connected for direct roll call.
  • On-site bells can be controlled via the terminal signalling shift changes if there is a free relay.

The system can work in intelligent and non-intelligent modes:

Intelligent mode: One clocking terminal is defined as a master with other terminals on the same network being defined as slaves. The master terminal communicates with the Chronologic Workforce Management System as well as recording all clockings made on any of the networked terminals.Employee card names and numbers are stored on the master.

Non-intelligent mode: The terminals record the clocking transactions as card numbers with a date and time stamp. The Chronologic Workforce Management System manages the matching of clocking transactions to individual employees. Often this mode is used where employees are clocking in across multiple sites.

Minimum times between each clocking can be set to avoid double clocking.

Templates: 3,000.

Transactions: 100,000.

Dimensions: 190 x 140 x 45mm (W x H x D).

Weight: 1.10Kg.