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Random search selector spot checker

Spot-checker random search selector

The Spot-Checker is a robust random search selector which comprises a selector, clipboard and pen holder. It can be hand-held or placed on a desk or other worktop.

Price: £98.00 (ex. VAT + P&P) Please contact us for a quote

Product DescriptionTechnical specifications
Spot-Checker is a battery-powered electronic random selection unit mounted on a robust compact plastic clipboard. It’s an efficient way to conduct and record unbiased random searches.

It’s ideal for:

  • Theft prevention to initiate random searches of personnel, bags and vehicles.
  • Screening for drugs, alcohol, weapons, etc.
  • Random drug and drink testing.
  • Compliance checking and inspections.

The unit can be operated hand-held or on a desk top.
It’s simple and quick to use, employees or contractors leaving or entering a building or site push the red button and get an instant Check or Pass visual and audio indicator.

This randomiser or random search selector features:

  • Clear visual and audio Check or Pass indicators.
  • Large easy-to-use 50 mm push button.
  • The Check | Pass ratio can be adjusted by internal switches.
  • Check ratio setting is adjustable from 0.5% (1 in 200) to 100% in 0.5% increments.
  • Selection is guaranteed random. The previous indication doesn’t influence the next in any way.
  • The clipboard takes up to A4 sized paper and includes a pen holder.
    • Record all checks.
    • Log staff, visitors or contractors.

Weight: 700 grams including batteries.
Size: 333 mm x 343 mm x 45 mm.
Power: 3 x AA batteries (included).