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SS4000 random search selector

SS4000 Random Search Selector

The SS4000 is a compact random search selector. A pre-programmable push-button unit intended for installation at building or site entry or exit points and in permanent view of security personnel.

Simply requiring employees to press the button maintains awareness of your company search policy and deters theft.

Price: £219.00 (ex. VAT + P&P) Please contact us for a quote

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Integrate the SS4000 Random Search Selector into your security process. Simply requiring employees to press the button maintains awareness of your company search policy and deters theft.

This compact selector is a pre-programmable push-button unit intended for installation at employee exit points and to always be in view of security personnel.

All employees are required to push the button on exit.

  • A red light accompanied by a high tone instigates a search.
  • A green light with a low tone indicates a pass.

The overall percentage of personnel to be selected can be adjusted from 0 – 100% (in 1% increments). The selection is random and the odds of being selected are the same every time the button is pressed. Personnel pressing the button are unaware of the selector settings, so even when set at 0 per cent it has a deterrent value.

  • Can be desk or wall mounted, supplied ready to plug in and use.
  • Key controlled settings of 0 – 100%.
  • Microcomputer system with four digit LED display.
  • Random selection is guaranteed to be totally unpredictable.
  • Built-in search and pass counters.
  • Output to trigger search monitoring video equipment.
  • Input for external trigger signal (e.g. from access control card reader, turnstile rotation contacts, IR beam, etc.).

Supply Voltage: 100 – 250v A.C. Universal Power Adaptor Supplied (Suitable for use with most UK, European and US mains sockets).
Weight: 500g.
Dimensions: H 230 mm X W 100 mm X D 60 mm.

  • Remote push-button
    The remote push-button unit allows the the SS4000 selector to be installed at a location remote from the point of actuation.
  • Remote indicator
    The remote indicator unit allows remote monitoring of the SS4000 Pass or Search indication, or it can be used as the main indicator unit if using external trigger signals (e.g. from card readers, turnstiles, etc.) instead of the push-button switch on the SS4000.

The system can be enhanced with CCTV to oversee and record search procedures (contact us for details). 

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