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Workforce Management, Time & Attendance and Clocking In

Whether you're looking for a full package system, a reliable time and attendance solution or a flexible clocking in package - we can help.

Each of our three systems offers a host of benefits and functionality all at an affordable cost.

Whichever you choose, you'll gain access to our friendly UK based support team, as well as over 20 years of experience in helping businesses get the most from their workforce.

Our aim is always to optimise your workforce so you can concentrate on tasks that really matter.

WFM By Chronologic
Workforce Management

A full Workforce Management suite including Time & Attendance, HR, Reporting and more, all tailored to your needs as an organisation.

uAttend By Chronologic
Time and Attendance

Perfect for businesses looking for an easy to use time and attendance system with scheduling, clocking in and reporting features included.

Citadel By Chronologic
Clocking Systems

Our flexible, scalable clocking system which allows you to use a combination of clocking options to best suit the way your organisation works. Designed for a blended workforce.